May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2017

Attendees: Matt, Angela, Joe, David H, Amara, Suzanne, Al, Tori, Joann, Renee, Mike, Rob,

  • New Business

    • Community Event for Houses of Worship

      • May 25th at People’s Baptist Church at 6:30 pm. Six congregations are signed up to attend

    • Jazz update

      • The schedule is done for Jazz.

      • Renee will send out a volunteer sign up sheet for jazz nights via email

      • Rain date is the first week of August

      • Scholarship winners will be announced at the July 14th concert

      • U City arts will have an art project in the park the week before the scholarship announcements. Possible sponsor?

    • Hickman Temple updates

      • David met with Rev. Green from Hickman Temple. There is no imminent danger from the facade. The problem with the facade is that a windstorm destroyed part of the roof, and you can see the stone structure of the church.

      • The temple is working with a structural engineer to fix the issue

      • CPN will continue to be connected to Hickman and provide support

      • CPN will continue to update the community on the progress of the Temple’s roof. While the roof is being worked on there will be no services or the soup kitchen. The nursery is continuing.

      • Possible funding for the structural repairs- partners for sacred places; historical preservation grant

  • Committee Reports

    • Scholarship

      • The Committee has raised 90% of the total money needed for scholarships. That amount is 11,000.00.

      • A former recipient is going to contribute an endowment for a particular student each year

      • The application for scholarships is about to go live.  There are a couple of people graduating this year, so some new people need to be scouted to receive scholarships

      • PR for the scholarship applications will be in West Philly Local

      • Apps are open from May 15 to July 15, and there will be a party for recipients on the 14th of July

      • Michelle is working on putting together gift baskets for the current recipients studying for finals

    • Communications

      • Need content from committees about what they do, and get a schedule from them about what events they have coming up, and when they meet, for the website

      • Tamar and Trudy want to help with the website

    • Zoning

      • 4700 Cedar ave has cars parked on its sidewalk.

        • Property owner thinks he can park his cars there

        • CPN Board needs to talk to zoning committee about this issue

        • For now no facebook updates on the issue

      • 47th and Baltimore, Loco Pez

        • They got approval to move there and have their license. Hours end at 1 am and live music ends at 10 pm

      • Post Brothers apartment construction

        • No updates

    • Development Impact Task Force

      • Will organize town halls to talk about affordability and gentrification

        • Initial feedback about an affordability town hall would be a Q and A format

        • If anyone is interested in this topic on the Board, let David know

    • Cedar Park

      • Love your park week is May 20 from 930-1.

      • Need help setting up the table and talking about what you do on CPN Board

      • INdego- installing bikes next month. They did not reach out to CPN in a timely manner about the initiative.

      • Porchfest

        • CPN Board approves a 100 donation to the event and will get recognition. Susan- first, Rob second- all approved

March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2017

Board Members in Attendance: Eric, Alon, Renee, David W., Suzanne, Tori, David H., Al, Robert, Michael, Jo Ann, Kelly R., and Ivana D.  Quorum

  1. Guest Speakers

    1. Greensgrow West

      1. Would love to provide planters for the community but need buy in so they water the plants

      2. Will work with Eric and Saba to put in planters in front of the Church and the Restaurant

      3. Greens are needed in front of the Green Tambourine South 50th Street

      4. They have Mary’s Fund, which is a community greening grant ($1,000). Announcements of awardees this week. You don’t need a block leader to receive grants.

      5. Doing earth day events on the Thursday before. Can do events every year.

    2. Kingsessing Runners

      1. Dontae Privette wants to involve the community more in the program and have kids help out in the area with the park etc.

      2. Always need volunteers most days of the week

      3. Need high school kids for tutoring program

      4. Dontae is interested in Handy Neighbors

      5. Dontae will send us Kingsessing Runners’ schedule so we can share it with the community

  2. Board Minutes

    1. Dave H. will send out meeting minutes for Jan and Feb. so the board can vote via email quorum.

  3. Committee Reports

    1. Scholarship

      1. Event is on April 23 4-6 pm

      2. Need sponsors for the scholarship event

    2. Zoning- no updates

      1. Discussion this week on pop up beer garden on 5100 block of Pentridge

    3. Holiday Baskets- nothing to report

    4. Development Task Force- coming up with long and short term goals for affordability for apple development

    5. Jazz

      1. Just about done setting up concerts- 9 fridays with concerts

      2. Ryan wants to sponsor and donate  to Jazz

      3. University City Arts League creating pop up art exhibits at one Jazz concert- July 21

    6. Communications

      1. Communications group should be opened up to the community, get additional people involved

      2. Michael F and Robert move to fund website (squarespace and bluehost) all agree

    7. Cedar Park

      1. Earth Day event on April 21

    8. Community Engagement

      1. Want to do a book club with  the community

      2. Spring Fling- a way to get the community together, nothing serious. Eric and other members need help organizing and creating the event. Renee will assist

      3. Want to have a panel discussion with church leaders in the community- to hear about the churchs’ impacts in the community

      4. Love your park event in May

      5. Want to continue to have potlucks with the community

  4. New Business

    1. Annual Board meeting

      1. Confirming slate of board members - six open positions

      2. Eric Goode- agreed to be Vice President. Suzanne agreed to be on the Scholarship Committee.

      3. Ryan and Saba will talk to his tenants about being on the board

      4. Will talk about community workshop ideas at the meeting such as tax relief or tenants rights

    2. Request- Kol Tzedek- wants Cedar Park to buy ad in folder for swearing in of rabbi ($125 for quarter page)- Suzanne first, Al seconded, all approved

    3. Vanguard Fund- Received a suggestion from JJ about adding a threshold for a minimum amount we would want to maintain in the Fund. Will come back and revisit that item in June with a new board. Suzanne- first, Tori seconded, all approved.

Motion to adjourn- Dave W. and Suzanne, all agreed


February 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2017

Attendance- 12, quorum met; Amara, Eric, Tori, Jo Ann, Frenchie, Alon, Suzanne, David W, David H, Al, Michael F, Michelle Lewis

Guest Speakers

  1. Renovation

    1. Will approach SW District about the renovations

    2. Planning on putting in a bike rack and having 96 parking spaces

    3. Not sure about including a commercial space. Idea of an open or shared gym was put out there. Part of the agreement was for them to include something that would benefit the community

    4. May be willing to consider housing vouchers

    5. Next steps: put in touch with SW RCO; be proactive with councilwoman

  2. Panhandling on Baltimore Ave

    1. Reduced in front of Mariposa/Hair Vyce (for about 4 to 5 weeks)

    2. Police have been moving them along- because there were a few violent incidents

    3. The folks asking for money etc are not necessarily homeless

    4. Talking Headz had/have issues too

    5. BABA have had discussions about the panhandling

    6. Hillary will come out to the next meeting and there should be a small meeting with BABA, CPN, Mariposa

  3. Fair Districts PA

    1. Organization to combat gerrymandering which is a big problem PA

    2. There is a bipartisan bill- SB 22 to end gerrymandering- it's gaining momentum

    3. Fair Districts PA has a local committee in West Philly

    4. Reach out to Roebuck and Senator about supporting the gerrymandering bill

Treasurer's Report

  1. Looked at monthly statements; Vanguard funds- shares decreased by $.46/share which was a total of $5,000. Reinvest Greensgrow into Vanguard;

  2. We are still finalizing Vanguard fund policy.

  3. Year End Review- Missed target on scholarship fundraising, but had nest eggs in the scholarship fund and jazz fund; newsletter money is stable over time; need to turn in state filing; Insurance went up; pulled in a lot of funds from food baskets fundraising

  4. Motion to approve- Michael- first and Suzanne seconded; all approved

Committee Reports

  1. Scholarship

    1. Fundraiser is 4/23 from 4-6 at Dock Street- Board needs to buy tickets

    2. July 14 is the day for the awards to be handed out

    3. First email blast went out to 600 people and and mailings went out as well

    4. Need an announcement about the fundraiser on facebook with link to donation

    5. We have a band for the fundraiser- Philly Foot Tappers

    6. Fred sent out Thank Yous to the people who donated in the past

  2. Zoning

    1. Not much going on

    2. Nothing going on with historic overlay

  3. Cedar Park

    1. Parks Committee wants people to come out to help with a tree care project in Cedar Park on Earth Day. There is a request for Board participation.

  4. Communications Committee

    1. Want to move website over to Squarespace- would be 216/year

    2. Squarespace hosts and is a lot easier to use than Wordpress

    3. Everything from old site can be imported over and put in a archive page

    4. Alon is handling the design

    5. Everyone will get the link to the demo site- take a look and comment on it before next meeting, so comments can be shared at the next board meeting, and a live demo can take place. Also a vote on whether to move forward with squarespace as the host/design platform.

  5. Community Engagement

    1. There was a meeting February 17- did not have high attendance but goals were outlined: host affordability workshops, continue potlucks, collaborate on the jazz program.

    2. By the next Board meeting, the committee will present a concrete plan of action

    3. Danted wants collaboration with his youth program- Eric will reach out to him.

    4. The committee will also try to engage the community by hosting educational events such as tenant rights, race relations, etc

    5. Dave. W is putting together a proposal for Handyman Services- a local volunteer group that would provide simply handyman services to neighbors who can’t do tasks themselves

New Business

  1. Board elections- on April 17th

    1. This meeting and next- ID nominating committee. Dave H is the chair.

      1. Need to ID and reach out to potential board candidates

    2. Need slate of candidates by the next board meeting so it can go out in the newsletter in time for elections.

    3. There are eight open positions

    4. Might need to fill some inactive board members seats with one year board members

    5. Need to reach out to folks whose terms are ending and see if they want to reup

    6. BABA meet and greet would be a good opportunity to get names of possible board members

    7. Michael F. will create flyer for getting involved on the board

Meeting adjourned by Suzanne and David W.

January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2017

Attendance: 10: Suzanne, David W., David H, Tori, Al, Frenchie, Michael, Joanne, Alon,

New Business

  1. Police Head Quarters- movement to 46th and market on hold. Enterprise wants community members’ opinions about this

    1. CPN’s feelings: 4 support move to the market location; 4 want more clarity and 2 think its a bad idea

  2. Budget Committee- need to revisit budgets for all committees. Al, David and Anara will make up the budget committee

  3. Vanguard Fund-

    1. Loan from Greensgrow is repaid

    2. Just one loan out to Mariposa atm

    3. Board members need to review application and the history/overview of the fund so we can vote at the next board meeting. Dave H. wants feedback on the policy/application from board members

    4. 2 major parts of the policy: don’t want to drop the fund below $70,000 and the funds are not to be for recurring expenses

  4. Board Retreat

    1. Micahel will handle food; David H will check out agenda for the retreat;

    2. Three things to think of for retreat: what goals should we establish as an organization?; What would board members like to see organization take on?; What skills do board members bring to CPN?

    3. In april, present overarching vision at membership meeting


  1. Scholarship Committee:

    1. solicitation for donations and info about the fundraiser will go out by mail by 2/2

    2. need to put scholarship event on facebook and eventbrite; there should be a link to donate on the website

    3. tracked donations last year via member planet; email blast included 600 plus folks

    4. Media should attend scholarship fundraiser. Outlets should be Ucity review and West Philly local

    5. Meet the student event held on the 28th of December. It went well. 8 out of 10 awardees attended. Wine was donated by Fred and CPN was comped $200 in apps. It was a good idea to have the committee at the event.