January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2017

Attendance: 10: Suzanne, David W., David H, Tori, Al, Frenchie, Michael, Joanne, Alon,

New Business

  1. Police Head Quarters- movement to 46th and market on hold. Enterprise wants community members’ opinions about this

    1. CPN’s feelings: 4 support move to the market location; 4 want more clarity and 2 think its a bad idea

  2. Budget Committee- need to revisit budgets for all committees. Al, David and Anara will make up the budget committee

  3. Vanguard Fund-

    1. Loan from Greensgrow is repaid

    2. Just one loan out to Mariposa atm

    3. Board members need to review application and the history/overview of the fund so we can vote at the next board meeting. Dave H. wants feedback on the policy/application from board members

    4. 2 major parts of the policy: don’t want to drop the fund below $70,000 and the funds are not to be for recurring expenses

  4. Board Retreat

    1. Micahel will handle food; David H will check out agenda for the retreat;

    2. Three things to think of for retreat: what goals should we establish as an organization?; What would board members like to see organization take on?; What skills do board members bring to CPN?

    3. In april, present overarching vision at membership meeting


  1. Scholarship Committee:

    1. solicitation for donations and info about the fundraiser will go out by mail by 2/2

    2. need to put scholarship event on facebook and eventbrite; there should be a link to donate on the website

    3. tracked donations last year via member planet; email blast included 600 plus folks

    4. Media should attend scholarship fundraiser. Outlets should be Ucity review and West Philly local

    5. Meet the student event held on the 28th of December. It went well. 8 out of 10 awardees attended. Wine was donated by Fred and CPN was comped $200 in apps. It was a good idea to have the committee at the event.