March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2017

Board Members in Attendance: Eric, Alon, Renee, David W., Suzanne, Tori, David H., Al, Robert, Michael, Jo Ann, Kelly R., and Ivana D.  Quorum

  1. Guest Speakers

    1. Greensgrow West

      1. Would love to provide planters for the community but need buy in so they water the plants

      2. Will work with Eric and Saba to put in planters in front of the Church and the Restaurant

      3. Greens are needed in front of the Green Tambourine South 50th Street

      4. They have Mary’s Fund, which is a community greening grant ($1,000). Announcements of awardees this week. You don’t need a block leader to receive grants.

      5. Doing earth day events on the Thursday before. Can do events every year.

    2. Kingsessing Runners

      1. Dontae Privette wants to involve the community more in the program and have kids help out in the area with the park etc.

      2. Always need volunteers most days of the week

      3. Need high school kids for tutoring program

      4. Dontae is interested in Handy Neighbors

      5. Dontae will send us Kingsessing Runners’ schedule so we can share it with the community

  2. Board Minutes

    1. Dave H. will send out meeting minutes for Jan and Feb. so the board can vote via email quorum.

  3. Committee Reports

    1. Scholarship

      1. Event is on April 23 4-6 pm

      2. Need sponsors for the scholarship event

    2. Zoning- no updates

      1. Discussion this week on pop up beer garden on 5100 block of Pentridge

    3. Holiday Baskets- nothing to report

    4. Development Task Force- coming up with long and short term goals for affordability for apple development

    5. Jazz

      1. Just about done setting up concerts- 9 fridays with concerts

      2. Ryan wants to sponsor and donate  to Jazz

      3. University City Arts League creating pop up art exhibits at one Jazz concert- July 21

    6. Communications

      1. Communications group should be opened up to the community, get additional people involved

      2. Michael F and Robert move to fund website (squarespace and bluehost) all agree

    7. Cedar Park

      1. Earth Day event on April 21

    8. Community Engagement

      1. Want to do a book club with  the community

      2. Spring Fling- a way to get the community together, nothing serious. Eric and other members need help organizing and creating the event. Renee will assist

      3. Want to have a panel discussion with church leaders in the community- to hear about the churchs’ impacts in the community

      4. Love your park event in May

      5. Want to continue to have potlucks with the community

  4. New Business

    1. Annual Board meeting

      1. Confirming slate of board members - six open positions

      2. Eric Goode- agreed to be Vice President. Suzanne agreed to be on the Scholarship Committee.

      3. Ryan and Saba will talk to his tenants about being on the board

      4. Will talk about community workshop ideas at the meeting such as tax relief or tenants rights

    2. Request- Kol Tzedek- wants Cedar Park to buy ad in folder for swearing in of rabbi ($125 for quarter page)- Suzanne first, Al seconded, all approved

    3. Vanguard Fund- Received a suggestion from JJ about adding a threshold for a minimum amount we would want to maintain in the Fund. Will come back and revisit that item in June with a new board. Suzanne- first, Tori seconded, all approved.

Motion to adjourn- Dave W. and Suzanne, all agreed