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Baltimore Ave. Conversation Project Input Round 2

Wed, 4/21 @ 7pm – OR – Sat, Apr 24th @ 10am (choose one)
Baltimore Ave Conversation Continues!

Join the Community Design Collaborative
at the People’s Baptist Church, 5039 Baltimore Ave

The CDC has taken all our thoughts and comments on the neighborhood from the previous workshops and outreach and have some ideas both big and small for us to consider. They will present these initial thoughts on what Baltimore Ave between 49th – 52nd St. could become if we choose and they want your feedback.

* What ideas do you like?
* What is missing from this vision?
* What ideas concern you?
* What ideas are on the right track but still need a little work?

We want all area residents and business owners to be a part of this unique collaborative community conversation. Please invite your neighbors!

To read background on this conversation, click here.

Hope to see you there!

1 comment to Baltimore Ave. Conversation Continues!

  • I am so sorry I missed the community meeting this morning. I did talk to a few neighbors about what was said, and they encouraged me to make my voice heard, too. Well, here’s one thing I would have contributed had I been there, just for the record.

    Green spaces seemed to be a highly requested use for some empty lots, particularly the one at the corner of 51st and Baltimore. However, I would like to suggest that that location in particular is a highly visible corner. Baltimore is a major road, used every day by commuters coming into the city from western suburbs. My customers often say they live in Lansdowne or Springfield or wherever and noticed my shop from the road every day, and they finally stopped in because it looks so interesting. That is probably not going to happen to a green space, community garden, etc. We do need more of these. There are plenty of more out-of-the-way spaces which can be greened; residents will know where to find them. But a nice-looking local business in that spot and more local businesses nearby? Like in the former Dexter’s Laundromat space as well? That sounds to me like a great way to bring more revenue into our community from commuters turned shoppers, in addition to serving our neighbors with useful amenities. This block totally has the potential for it, because it used to be that very thing. Just my two cents.

    Thank you!
    Emily Dorn, VIX Emporium

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