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Board Members Elected for 2015-2016

Congratulations to the new board of Cedar Park Neighbors elected at our meeting last week.  And thanks so much to everyone who is cycling off the board.  New terms will begin on June 1, 2015.

On the executive board each serving one year terms:

President: David Hincher
1st Vice President: Suzanne Banning Anderson
2nd Vice President: Renee McBride Williams
Treasurer: Amara Rockar
Secretary: Far McKnon

On the board of directors each serving two-year terms (until May 31, 2017):
Alon Abramson
Robert Arters
Sean Dorn
Ivana Dussell
Margaret Ferrigno
Michael Froehlich
Rev. Eric Goode
Michelle Lewis
JJ Tizou
Pat Warner

At-large board members whose two-year terms carry over until May 31, 2016:
Lisa Johanningsmeir
Shawn Markovich
Ryan Spak
Mavil Spence
Saba Tedla
Michael Williams

Michael Froehlich & Margaret Ferrigno
Nominating Committee, Co-chairs


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