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Sign petition to show your support for Apple Lofts on 52nd Street

The CPN Board and CPN Zoning Committee have launched a petition in support of the Apple Lofts development project at 780 S. 52nd St.  Although there have been several community meetings on this issue, we feel that the voices of neighbors in  support of the project have not been heard in these meetings.

We usually do not use a petition strategy.  However, this is an important development opportunity affecting our community.  We feel that our Councilwoman needs to know the level of support that exists.

We invite you to help us collect signatures in support.  You can print the attached petition and return by Friday, February 24th to CPN at the address noted.  Note that we are asking for signers who live within the Cedar Park boundaries (46th -52nd, Larchwood Ave. – Kingsessing Ave east of the railroad and/or 52nd – 54th Sts, Cedar Ave. – Springfield Ave.)

The on-line petition is available by clicking here.

A paper petition that you can download, print, sign, and circulate is available by clicking here.

4 comments to Sign petition to show your support for Apple Lofts on 52nd Street

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  • far mckon

    I fail to understand how a loft building addresses any west philly need. West philly is awash with abandoned 1 – 6 bedroom homes, and we have bigger problems than more high-end housing.

    Wthouth a better explanination of benefits, I can’t imagine supporting such a project.

  • Sean Dorn

    1. West Philly has a lot of houses that are in foreclosure or owned by absentee speculators or whose title is muddled because the owner has passed and the heirs can’t or have not bothered to settle it and sell it. In Cedar Park, despite the real estate bottoming out nationally, house prices remained stable and there is still plenty of demand for newly renovated houses. I’ve had 3 newly renovated houses on my block sell in the last year. And if you have shopped for an apartment recently, demand (and rents) are way up. So while West Philly has a lot of abandoned houses that are need a whole lot of work to be “move-in” ready, there is plenty of demand for newly rehabbed housing.

    2. Its private property, private investment and its abandoned currently doing nothing but waiting to fall down eventually. Saying there are a lot houses that owners are unable or unwilling to fix up themselves is a pretty lousy argument why someone else should not be allowed to use their own money to fix up an abandoned property.

    3. It generates jobs for our community when an abandoned industrial project generates none.

    4. It also adds new potential customers for the 52nd St. commercial strip. Have you shopped on the 52nd St. commercial strip recently?

    5. It generates wage and sales taxes in the begining and a whole huge batch of new property taxes after the abatement runs out which helps support better schools and city services which West Philly desperately needs.

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