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Useful recommendations from a Cedar Park block captain.

If you have trees or branches that are on power lines, please be sure you
report them to PECO – 215-841-4141. The city will not touch them until the
lines are removed.

If you have a tree or large branch in the front (sidewalk side) of your
property that is down or damaged, odds are, the city already has it on their
list but you can call 311 to make sure it is reported.

They are prioritizing all trees and branches that are blocking walkways,
streets or otherwise dangling and dangerous. They are NOT allowed to touch
any trees that are on live lines ­ it¹s a safety issue and also PECO¹s
responsibility. Once they clear the priority trees, they will come back and
get the other branches and trees laying in the non-walkway park areas as
well as anything PECO left behind after clearing the wires.

If you have trees or branches down in the back yard, this is the homeowner’s
responsibility. Most likely, your homeowner’s policy will cover the removal.
If you would like a recommendation for a tree service, Corner’s Landscaping
has done a lot of work on the block and comes highly recommended from UC
Green. They can be reached at: 215-742-7576

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