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Block Grants

Do you and your neighbors want to add street trees, tree lawns, and flower beds to your block? All it takes is a little bit of planning, and some volunteer energy! CPN will help you do the rest.

Block improvement projects bring people together to get to know their neighbors while improving blocks in visible ways. To get started, try talking with a few members of your block, and discuss what you want to do.

For more information and lots of resources about street trees and other ways to get involved in greening in University City, visit UC Green, Inc. at www.ucgreen.org
We have modeled CPN’s Block Grant Program on Spruce Hill Neighborhood’s award-winning program. To see examples of Spruce Hill’s projects, see some sample photos here.

Program Overview

Cedar Park offers reimbursement grants up to $500 to improve the physical environment of any block in Cedar Park, with priority given to maintenance and renewal of street trees, tree lawns, and front yards.  Once approved, Cedar Park Neighbors will assign a Block Grant committee volunteer to guide you through the process. Blocks must match grant amount through volunteer “sweat equity,” in-kind materials or services, or cash.

The Application Form can be download below (in MS Word or Adobe PDF format).  The deadline is February 1st of each year for projects taking place spring through fall.

2011 CPN Block Grant app in MS Word.

2011 CPN Block Grant app as Acrobat PDF