About the Board

Cedar Park Neighbors is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five officers and up to 16 directors-at-large. They are elected by the general membership at a meeting held each year in April.

Officers serve for one-year terms and may be re-elected for additional terms. The office of President is limited to four consecutive one-year terms. Officers must be members in good standing of Cedar Park Neighbors and live within the boundaries of Cedar Park (see map).

Directors serve two-year terms and may be re-elected to serve additional terms. Eight directors are elected to serve two-year terms each year. Therefore, in each year there are eight newly elected or re-elected directors and eight directors who are serving the second year of their term. Directors must be members in good standing of Cedar Park Neighbors.

The CPN Board Directory

Meet the Board Members

David Hincher

50XX Catherine Street

David moved from Texas to Philadelphia in 2006 and bought their home in Cedar Park over 10 years ago. He and his wife are raising their 8 year old daughter and are actively engaged in the West Philly Girl Scout troop. They love the neighborhood and are excited to see it brimming with activity and new businesses. David worked with Soccer Shots to bring toddler soccer program to Cedar Park in fall 2013 , which now offers their program to the community year round.

He has a particular interest in issues that impact the quality of life in the community, such as the vitality of neighborhood schools, zoning, development, safety, etc. David was the lead volunteer on the Baltimore Avenue Community Corridor design study, completed in 2010. He is the chair of the Development Impact Task Force, which produced the “Future of the Neighborhood” survey in 2012. David’s goal is to assist CPN in achieving the Baltimore Avenue vision to re-extend prosperity further west along our main street corridor.

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Renee McBride Williams

Second Vice President
51XX Webster Street

A native of West Philadelphia, Renee has become one of the leaders in her humble Cedar Park community. Ms. McBride-Williams received the 2014-2015 Dorothy I. Height Award from the National Council of Negro Women, Philadelphia Chapter for her community service and leadership.

Renee McBride-Williams is the General Manager to West Philadelphia’s only community radio station, WPEB 88.1 FM. While juggling her responsibilities to the broadcasters at the station, Renee is the Project Manager for the 2014-2015, “Arts On Air” projects spearheaded by Scribe Video, Inc. and sponsored by PNC Bank Arts Alive Project. She is also the director of the “Youth On Air” project at WPEB. With all that, Renee McBride-Williams is a mentor and educator to middle to high school students in the Philadelphia school community while still volunteering in the Arts and Broadcasting, Today, Renee is the Senior Executive Producer of a public affairs program called, “The Shed Kitchen” with Karen Dunn.

Above all, she is committed to her 14-year marriage to her best friend, George E. Williams and mother to 5 time Grammy winner, Bassist Christian McBride.

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Amara Rockar

50xx Catharine St.

Amara Rockar has lived in West Philadelphia for over 15 years, most of it in Cedar Park. She and her husband bought their home in 2010, and are raising their family here. Amara is a board member of the West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools. During the day, she works as an admin for the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

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9xx S Saint Bernard St. 

Joe has lived in Cedar Park since 2010. He grew up in the immediate western suburbs of the city. In early 2016, Joe, his wife, and their dog came to terms with the fact that they couldn't leave Cedar Park. They bought a home in the neighborhood. He has served on the CPN Zoning Committee for the past year.

Joe looks forward to becoming more involved in Cedar Park and hopes to grow and change as the neighborhood grows and changes. His passions are clean drinking water and working to ensure the changes taking place in Cedar Park keep and grow the diversity and sense of "neighborhoodness" that we all love. 

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Al Airone

10XX S 47th St. 

Al Airone has lived in West Philadelphia since 1982, having moved here from New York City along with his wife, Carolyn Kelly. Al and Carolyn bought their house on the 1000 block of South 47th in 1984 and have lived there ever since. They have one daughter, now grown, working in Center City and living elsewhere in Philadelphia (but we still talk!).

Al was always impressed by the strong tradition of neighborhood involvement in West Philly and the vitality of the many neighborhood organizations. Al served as an (totally unofficial) block captain for a number of years, and also served on the board of the Squirrel Hill Community Association in the early 1990's. He was active with corner recycling and later was the regular volunteer at the Cedar Park Recycling venue at 50th and Baltimore for a number of years.

Al retired from the Philadelphia Water Department just over a year ago, having worked there for 25 years in the laboratory division, first as a chemist, then as the lab's main IT person. He enjoys walking around the city and the neighborhood, making use of the many coffee-shop reading locations (he can be found at least once a week in the Satellite Cafe), keeping up his IT skills, and generally keeping up with goings-on around the neighborhood. He welcomes the chance to serve a term on the Cedar Park Board.

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Robert Arters has lived in West Philadelphia for over 20 years.  Currently residing on the 5100 block of Catharine Street with his girlfriend and three cats, Rob has witnessed the neighborhood’s profound transformation over two decades and, like many long-term residents, is committed to keeping what works and changing what doesn’t. From concert promotion to restoring Victorian homes in Cedar Park and Spruce Hill, to his current position managing the kitchen at Greensgrow, Rob is a lifelong supporter  of positive neighborhood growth in West  Philadelphia.

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Since 2011, Angela DiBattiste has been enamored with her neighborhood and community in Cedar Park. Drawn to Cedar Park for its diversity, inclusivity, and uniqueness, Angela has always strived to better understand the nuances of the neighborhood and support those who make it what it is. She has worked with and volunteered for the West Philadelphia YMCA, Philadelphia Folklore Project, Media Mobilizing Project, and the Scribe Video Center, to learn, educate, and advocate for youth, the queer community, and people of color. In 2015 Angela bought her first home in Cedar Park. While she has learned a lot through this experience, she eager make her investment meaningful through the advocacy of her neighbors and local business owners as a part of CPN.

Currently in graduate school for her Masters in Early Childhood Education and Infant/Toddler Mental Health, Angela DiBattiste has worked exuberantly as a Preschool Teacher at Belmont Academy Charter School for the past five years. She is excited by the opportunity to take her passion for teaching and learning to the CPN board and ultimately, to her community in Cedar Park.

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Michael lives in Cedar Park with his partner, Susanna, and eight-year-old daughter, Zora. He is has served as the past-president of Cedar Park Neighbors and is running for re-election as an at-large board member position.  During the day, Michael works as a managing attorney practicing consumer and housing law with Community Legal Services. Michael is the co-founder of the West Philly Tool Library, is a Democratic party committee person in the 46th Ward, and has previously served on the boards of UC Green and Shakespeare in Clark Park. Michael is excited about the opportunity to continue to work together to improve Cedar Park for long-time residents and newcomers, seniors and school children, and everyone in between.

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Whitney fell in love with Philadelphia when she first moved to the city in 2010, and she moved to Cedar Avenue in 2016. Whitney hopes to contribute to Cedar Park by strengthening connections between different generations of residents, improving communication and education initiatives to connect neighbors with community resources, and working collaboratively to find practical solutions to neighborhood issues. She is a history professor with a special interest in cities, buildings, and environments, and in her free time, you can find her working on her house, straightening the shelves at Mariposa, or clearing the ever-clogged street drain at 47th and Cedar.

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Franchon is owner/operator of Hair Vyce Studio at 4828 Baltimore Avenue. H V S was born here, in Cedar Park late summer of 2013. For 16 of her 24 years in cosmetology, she worked in Rittenhouse Square located in the heart of Center City. West Philly was her first choice of a location for the salon, because: (1) she owns a home in the neighborhood, (2) the location is close to Center City and close proximity of New Jersey, (3) diversity of businesses in the surrounding community.

Community service is a key qualification for consideration to become a Cedar Park NeighborsBoard member. With 24 years of cosmetology, customer service and community service come hand in hand.  Her strong interpersonal skills make Franchon a great communicator. For over two years, she has served on the Baltimore Avenue Business Association, BABA Marketing, and most recently, was chosen to be its vice president. In becoming a Cedar Park Neighbors member, her contribution will be to strengthen the bond between the neighbors of Cedar Park and rejuvenatingCPN’s outreach to the community. Sitting on the board would also strengthen communications between BABA and CPN. Dual seating brings the voice of the community to the ears of business owners.

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