Zoning Committee

Monitors zoning notices, solicits community input about proposed zoning changes, communicates neighbors’ positions to city officials, intervenes in zoning disputes, and represents CPN before Zoning Board of Adjustment.

To get involved, contact: zoning@cedarparkneighbors.org



Zoning Policy for Cedar Park Neighbors 

Zoning Applicant Information Form


Residents and businesses frequently seek a change in use for their property. If the use is other than what is allowed by the City of Philadelphia Zoning Code, the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections refers the application to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) which holds a hearing and decides on the application. Applicants are required to give public notice by placing an orange posting on the property in question indicating the change of use requested and the date of the hearing. The ZBA also requires applicants to notify their elected officials and local community associations to inform and seek approval for their applications in order to alleviate possible tensions and disputes in zoning matters.

Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) believes that local residents should be informed about proposed zoning changes in the community and have an opportunity for their voice to be heard. The Zoning Committee of Cedar Park Neighbors is recognized by the ZBA as the Community Association representing residents and businesses within the boundaries of Cedar Park. It is composed of CPN member volunteers who serve to monitor zoning notices, solicit community input about proposed zoning changes, communicate neighbors’ positions to city officials, intervene in zoning disputes, and represent the Cedar Park community before the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Please review the full Zoning Policy of Cedar Park Neighbors to learn more about CPN’s process for addressing zoning issues. The CPN Zoning Committee also requires applicants to complete a Zoning Applicant Information Form in order to have consistent and sufficient information to effectively serve both applicants and Cedar Park residents and businesses.