Community engagement committee

This committee is designed to bring the community together by sharing our resources that will be beneficial to the community and hosting different events that will facilitate unity in the midst of diversity.

In an effort to discern methods by which we can foster unity in diversity it is imperative that this organization takes an assessment of the various needs that are in the community. 

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Potential Ideas the Community Engagement Committee Could Bring to Cedar Park:

Spring Fling
Spring signifies the renewal of life and the budding of the new Season. It is also a period of preparation for the summer. What a wonderful time to bring the community together as to have a spring fling where people come together just to enjoy each other.  We could utilize the park and have different organizations participate in various ways.  

Book Club
One of the ways to encourage literacy and togetherness is the formation of a Book club.  This program began Friday, April 7th, 2017 with “Strength to Love” by the Martin Luther King, Jr. This book shares some insight from his sermons and speeches. This program is always open to the community.

Help Your Neighbor
A program mentioned by Mr. Wengert, to assist one's neighbor in basic maintenance of their home.

Health Screening
This type of event could be used as a means to encourage healthily living in the community. We could partner with one of Mercy and see if they would be willing to conduct some free health screening for those who may need it. This could be done during the beginning of the summer months

Panel Discussion
Discussing the impact that the Faith Community can have in the Cedar Park area. This would also give residence opportunities to learn more about the different religious groups in the area and what they offer.