Getting to Know Cedar Park Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship
Getting to Know Cedar Park Houses of Worship (FB Event Page) Date: Thursday, May 25 Time: 6:30 PM Location: People’s Baptist Church, 5039 Baltimore Avenue
Have you ever walked by a house of worship in Cedar Park and wondered what went on inside? What do they believe? Who are their members? How do they live out their faith in the community?

Cedar Park Neighbors and The People's Baptist Church are hosting a townhall called "Everything you always wants to know about the houses of worship in your Cedar Park neighborhood."

Houses of worship are such vital parts of our neighborhood and we know that many neighbors want to get to know better the places of worship here in our neighborhood.

Come hear from members from 1. People's Baptist Church 2. Hickman Temple A.M.E. Church 3. Calvary United Methodist Church 4. Kol Tzedek Synagogue 5. West Philadelphia Mennonite Fellowship 6. Renewal Presbyterian Church

The panel will be moderated by someone on the board of Cedar Park Neighbors, and each panelist will be asked about the history of their house of worship, what makes their service unique, and how their community is involved in the world.

We will then have an opportunity to have questions and answers from the audience.

We look forward to seeing you!

Michael Froehlich, Cedar Park Neighbors board member Rev. Eric Goode, Senior Pastor, People's Baptist Church and Cedar Park Neighbors board member

CPN's Annual Gary Bronson Scholarship Fundraiser

Cedar Park Jazz CPN's Annual Gary Bronson Scholarship Fundraiser Event will be held on Sunday, April 23 from 4-6pm at Dock Street Brewery (701 S. 50th Street). Tickets can be purchased at:

Buy tickets

The Gary Bronson Memorial Scholarship Fund supports young adults living in Cedar Park who are committed to pursuing higher education. This scholarship provides them with both mentorship and financial support to help them be successful in their post-secondary endeavors.

Sponsorship and donation opportunities are also available! Those can be made at:

Make a donation

Please contact with any questions.

Greensgrow West community meeting

Greensgrow would like to invite you and your neighbors to an open community meeting to solicit feedback about our continued involvement in West Philadelphia. Greensgrow recently secured a long-term lease from Councilwoman Blackwell for a parcel of vacant land at 5123-29 Baltimore Avenue to build a larger farm, nursery, and education space. We anticipate this new location opening in spring of 2016 and would like to hear from our neighbors about what types of services and programs are most in demand as we increase our capacity. The meeting will be held on Thursday June 4 at 6pm. Location will be in the community room at People's Baptist Church at 5039 Baltimore Avenue. We hope you will join us and share this invitation widely to your friends, neighbors, and networks in the local community.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you stop by our temporary location at 4912 Baltimore Avenue this spring to meet the staff and learn more about Greensgrow's mission and impact.

Event page on Facebook:


Cedar Park Neighbors Annual Meeting

Map of the Cedar Park Neighborhood Please join Cedar Park Neighbors on Monday, April 21, 2014, from 7-9pm for our annual meeting. Voting for CPN Board Members will begin at 6:30pm.

The meeting will take place at Calvary Community Center Sanctuary. Please enter through the doors on the second floor.

Come and hear what Cedar Park Neighbors has done over the last year and our plans for the coming year. Meet candidates for the CPN Board of Directors.  (And read all about the candidates by clicking here.)

We will also feature a conversation with the two candidates for our state representative, James Roebuck (the incumbent) and Algernong Allen. The conversation will be moderated by Cedar Park resident Bill Hangley Jr., a journalist with The Philadelphia Public School Notebook.

If you've never been to a CPN meeting, the annual meeting is a great introduction to the organization and the work that it does.

An informal meet and greet will follow the meeting.

Meet the candidates for CPN Board of Directors

A great group of Cedar Park neighbors are running for election to the CPN Board of Directors.  Read more about them below.  And come out to our annual meeting on April 21, 2014 from 7-9 pm to hear them in person. Candidates' bios are after the jump.

froehlich_headshotCandidate for President Michael Froehlich 5XX S. 48th St.

Michael lives in Cedar Park with his partner, Susanna, and five-year-old daughter, Zora. He is has served as the president of Cedar Park Neighbors for the last two years and is now running for re-election. For the three years prior to that, he served on the board. During the day, Michael works as a managing attorney practicing consumer and housing law with Community Legal Services. Michael is the co-founder of the West Philly Tool Library, is a Democratic party committeeperson in the 46th Ward, and, until recently, served on the boards of UC Green and Shakespeare in Clark Park. Michael is excited about the opportunity to continue to work together to improve Cedar Park for long-time residents and newcomers, seniors and school children, and everyone in between.



Candidate for First Vice President Suzanne Banning Anderson 7XX S. 48th St.

Suzanne joined the board last year after being active on the Zoning Committee for ­several years. She lives on the 700 block of S. 49th Street with her husband, Kelvyn, two teenage daughters and two Golden Retrievers.

Suzanne currently work as a ­psychiatric social worker at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital at 54th & Cedar Avenue, having earned her MSW from Temple University 20 years ago and her JD from Widener University School of Law in 2012.

Her particular civic interest is in greening and cleaning the ­community. She is an avid gardener and an active Zoning Committee member.

Suzanne hopes to continue to  apply her skills and interests to reduce blight and litter and increase the number of trees and amount  of green space in the Cedar Park. She believes that a cleaner and greener neighborhood will enhance the quality of life for everyone in Cedar Park.


Candidate for Second Vice President hincherDavid Hincher 50XX Catharine St.

David has lived in Cedar Park for the past 6 years. He and his wife are raising a 5-year- old daughter, Lucy, who attends the Children's Community School at Calvary Center. They are actively involved on their block, assisting in the annual end-of-summer block party, block clean ups, parent ­support group meetings at their house, etc. They love the neighborhood and are excited to see it brimming with activity (new and old), such as supporting and bringing Soccer Shots to Cedar Park in fall 2013.

David is a licensed architect and leverages that knowledge and expertise to assist a multitude of neighborhood groups. He has a particular interest in issues that impact the quality of life in the community, such as the vitality of neighborhood schools, zoning, development, safety, etc. David was the lead volunteer on the Baltimore Avenue Community Corridor design study, completed in 2010.

He is currently the chair of the Development Impact Task Force, which produced the "Future of the Neighborhood" survey in 2012. David's goal is to assist CPN in achieving the Baltimore Avenue vision to re-extend ­prosperity further west along our main street. David is a member of the West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools (WPCNS), which is working closely with Henry C. Lea Elementary School. He was also part of the Greening Lea Task Force, focused on improvements to the building and schoolyard.



Candidate for Treasurer Amara Rockar 50xx Catharine St.

Amara Rockar has lived in West Philadelphia for more than 10 years, most of it in Cedar Park. She and her husband bought their home in 2010 and intend to raise their family here. Amara is a board member of the West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools. During the day, she works as a paralegal at an immigration law firm.


Candidates for Board of Directors Lisa Johanningsmeier 9XX South St. Bernard Street

Lisa has lived in the Cedar Park neighborhood since 1983. During the last 12 years she has served on the CPN board and Zoning Committee. She hopes to be able to help the Cedar Park community grow and change in a positive way that is inclusive of all community members.


CPN (1)

Shawn Markovich 9xx S. Farragut St.

Shawn and her family have lived in Cedar Park for 10 years. They moved to this community because they love the beautiful parks, the great community spirit and the wonderful homes that can be found in West Philly.

Shawn and her husband have 2 children, ages 10 and 8. In addition to being a current board member, she is also on the Cedar Park Zoning committee and involved with the Develop­ment Impact Task Force. She is active at her children's school. She and her husband have invested their time, energy, and resources in Philadelphia and, for the past 10 years, in West Philadelphia. They have purchased properties with an eye toward health, beauty, and sustainability of their community. The architecture, green spaces, and friends ­continue to inspire them and keep them rooted here. Shawn is impressed that CPN has taken on complex issues such as zoning, park improvement, distressed ­properties, and education, all key topics that affect the growth and stability of their community.


Mavil Spence 50XX Catharine St.

Mavil has resided in Cedar Park all of her life.Her parents moved  to the 5000 block of Catharine Street in 1962, and she was born there the next April. She moved out at age 27 to the 800 block of S. 47th Street. She lived there until 1992, when she and her family were burned out. She moved back to Catharine Street and purchased a home in the 5100 block of Catharine in 1993. Since 2009, she has been back on the 5000 block of Catharine. She has three children, Makeiah, Lauren and Zachary and one grandson Mason. Makeiah is a graduate of Immaculata University, and Lauren is finishing up at Community College of Philadelphia and then will attend Lasalle University to obtain her registered nursing degree. Zachary is a CPN ­scholarship recipient and attends Howard University School of Engineering in Washington DC.

Mavil now works for the United States Postal Service. Previously for 10 years, she worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia until 2009, when technology knocked her out of a job. If she is re-elected to the board, she plans to work hard in this community to make it an even better community than it is now. She will do the best that she knows how to make people want to move to Cedar Park.



Saba Tedla 8XX S. 48th St.

Saba moved to Phila­del­phia in 2007 and has been a resident of Cedar Park since then. Saba's ­professional background is in Corporate Finance in the technology industry, and she currently works for Bentley Systems in Exton, Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Bentley, she worked at Lexmark International, a NASDAQ listed company and a worldwide distributor of printers. She currently serves on the advisory board of LIFT Philadelphia, a grassroots community organization with a mission to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people. In addition to nonprofit work, Saba is a local business owner and continues to make critical investments on the Baltimore Avenue corridor. She renovated a vacant commercial space and opened the Aksum restaurant in 2011. Saba has strived to make a contribution by helping to improve the economic development of the community. Saba considers herself a self-starter/ entrepreneur and plans to continue making tactical investments in the neighborhood. She has the drive and passion to make a meaningful impact and the commitment and leadership skills required to be an effective board member.


Malcolm.Burnley.4.b_wMalcolm Burnley 51xx Baltimore Ave.

Malcolm Burnley is currently working as a journalist for Philadelphia magazine. He's passionate about the preservation and development of urban neighborhoods; how they can build around existing demographics without succumbing to rapid ­gentrification. Even as a young adult, Malcolm has already lived in a variety of East Coast cities —New York, Providence, Wash­ing­ton, D.C., and now Philadelphia. Cedar Park stands out as unique among them. Having attended ­several meetings about the city's "blight recertification" of the 5000 and 5100 blocks of Baltimore Avenue, he's witnessed outstanding community resilience and energy. Malcolm believes that as someone who just transplanted to Philly last summer, he may bring a unique perspective to the board. His ­profession, along with being a renter, might provide a fresh and honest perspective on how Cedar Park can retain similar young adults within the neighborhood.



Renee McBride Williams 51xx Webster

Renee McBride Williams has been a long-time resident of West Philadelphia. For most of her life, she has lived in the 'hood and taught in many of the West Philadelphia school rooms. Renee believes that knowing the pulse of the community is paramount for its success, its revitalization and mostly, its redevelopment. A site organizer for the Media Mobilizing Project after retiring early from The School District of Philadelphia, Renee began to reinvent herself and reaffirm her mission to contribute to the community at large. Renee attended the neighborhood high school and is familiar with its ­residents. Nothing would make her happier than to be involved with the process of change and to provide the historical aspects of our community to better serve the CPN community and its residents. In addition, Renee is a volunteer station coordinator and general manager of WPEB 88.1 community radio. She is a historical storyteller and participates in an educational music program with the Philadel­phia Clef Club. Renee is married to George Williams and has a son, bassist Christian McBride.



Far McKon 50XX Cedar Ave.

Far McKon is interested in working with CPN to improve the community for everyone, and sees joining CPN board as one of the clear paths to accomplish that. Specifically, Far is interested in enabling/supporting programs for the following:

• Neighborhood Work-swap program, where neighbors can sign up, to swap tasks/skills or assistance around the house, yard, etc. Extra or spare work-time donated to neighbors that need more than usual assistance.

• Work on Soft-scaping streets for walk-ability (more bump-outs like at 48th St.), finding out if streets want speed-bumps.

• Talking to blocks and finding out if or which would be willing to host community notice/post boards to post paper announcements for those that do not frequently use email or the internet.

• Assisting where he can in using his skills as a programmer and as an outreach coordinator.

Mostly, Far is interested in taking on some responsibility for a few projects and helping out where he can.



Ryan Spak 51xx Springfield Ave.

Ryan Spak is an entrepreneurial business owner dedicated to his family, his city and his neighborhood. He and his wife, Jessie, are firmly planting their family's roots in this community. Over the past three years, Ryan has invested heavily in rehabilitating distressed properties in our neighborhood. It is his desire to continue to invest physically and monetarily in the neighborhood in the future. But it is also important to him to invest in the community by engaging his neighbors. Joining the CPN board will allow Ryan the opportunity to continue support the community and its efforts.

Three years ago, Ryan created Project Rehab for the University City District. This completely free, yet comprehensive real estate program guides owners of distressed properties through the process of rehabilitation. The program has positively influenced the renovation of 24 previous blighted properties, creating over $8.1 million in real estate values in our neighborhood. Over that same time, Ryan has practiced what he teaches others by financing, rehabilitating and managing more than 30 units —mostly in West Philadelphia.


hanging out with Page in Costa Rica

JJ Tiziou 45xx Osage & 49xx Pentridge

JJ Tiziou is a photographer who is actively invested in the Cedar Park neighborhood. Although he lives outside of Cedar Park, he works out of a studio space in The Cedar Works at 4919 Pentridge. JJ is the creator of the largest work of public art in Philadelphia: the 85,000 square foot mural How Philly Moves at Philadelphia International Airport.

Philly has always been home for JJ, specifically West Philly and the Baltimore Avenue corridor. JJ ­supports communities working for positive change through his photographic work. He is now looking to broaden his experience by working as part of a team with a longer term focused vision, plugging into the facets of the neighborhood that he's not yet familiar with, and bringing his communication skills to directly advocate for all of his neighbors. JJ is also an enthusiastic community cheerleader — much of his photographic work has involved advocating for artists, activists and communities that he's wanted to support. He hopes to also bring some of those skills to help share CPN's messages.



Michael Williams 8xx S. 48th St. (at Warrington)

Michael Williams has lived in West Philly for 10 years, and has been a block captain on the 800 block for 8 years. He is a semi-retired gardener and works throughout the Philadelphia area. He has served as Warrington Community Garden president from 2013 to present.


Jason CPN portrait

Jason Sandman 80XX S Saint Bernard

Jason has lived on S. St Bernard St since 2010 and he is an active member of the community garden on the block.  He has worked or volunteered with several non-profits and a volunteer of UC Green.



Soccer Shots comes to Cedar Park

Starting in September, Soccer Shots will bring their youth soccer program to Cedar Park. Soccer Shots is a national program created in collaboration withchildhood education specialists, professional soccer players, and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. They use creative and age-appropriate curricula, infusing each lesson plan with enthusiasm and structured activity through a mixture of play and learning basic soccer skills. The program will serve kids ages 2-4 will divide participants into two potential age groups: 2 year olds, 3 to 4 year olds. This will supplement the neighborhood’s Clark Park Youth Soccer League, which serves youth aged 5-11. Starting September 14, Soccer Shots will run for 2 hours once a week on Saturday mornings.  This season runs from September 14th thru November 16th.  During each week’s 2-hour time frame, they will provide two to three session times, which are 30-40 minutes each.  Session will occur on two small grass sections of the park, which will allow Soccer Shots to provide classes for a maximum of 15-17 children during each 40-minute time slot. There is a registration fee to participate this activity, and registration is online at

CPN is excited to bring this youth program to Cedar Park and look forward to fun and active fall season.

Download the Cedar Park Soccer Shot flyer

Philly Park Flyer_Fall 2013

GO WEST! Craft Fest this Saturday, April 14 at The Woodlands

The time is drawing near - GO WEST! Craft Fest is this weekend! It's Saturday April 14, 11-5 at The Woodlands, 40th & Woodland, with a rain date of Sunday the 15th. If you're not familiar with the Woodlands, it's an amazing place, a historic cemetery, mansion and 54-acre green space, truly one of West Philly's sweetest spots. The Fest will be on the lawn near the entrance, set apart from the actual cemetery. Find unique, handcrafted wares like jewelry, ceramics, clothing, accessories, home accents, edibles, knitted & crocheted items, cards & paper goods, all-natural soaps & bodycare, terrariums, teas, toys and more, all made locally by fifty of Philly's finest artisans, many of whom live right here in the neighborhood.

Plus: live entertainment! Old-timey bluegrass favorites Sour Mash will perform in the afternoon (time TBA). Jay Sand of All Around This World will do an interactive kids' set of music from many nations at 1 pm. TinyCircus by Tangle will trapeze among the trees at 3 pm, and there will be random acts of juggling throughout the day.

Visitors may stroll the 54-acre grounds of the Woodlands and tour the 18th century neoclassical mansion, once home to botanist William Hamilton (grandson of Andrew Hamilton, the original "Philadelphia lawyer"). He collected and planted hundreds of trees on the Hamilton estate, and those that have survived the years are now some of our nation's oldest living specimens. The Woodlands is also the eternal resting place of over 30,000 Philadelphians, including such notable figures as architect Paul Philippe Cret (1876-1945), financier Francis Martin Drexel (1792-1863), artist Thomas Eakins (1844-1916), abolitionist Mary Grew (1813-96), and surgeon Samuel Gross (1805-84).

All the details can be found at

We hope to see you there on the 14th. Weather reports are promising so far, so here's hoping for a fine day of fun!

June 7: Next Steps in the Baltimore Avenue Conversation

Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00pmPeople’s Baptist Church, 5039 Baltimore Avenue

Continuing on last year’s community conversation to revitalize Baltimore Avenue from 49th - 52nd Streets, the Community Design Collaborative and Cedar Park Neighbors want to gather the community to discuss next steps. The discussion will include a brief summary of the finalized report from last year and an update to the neighborhood on some initial efforts to move it forward.

Following this introduction, there will be brief presentations on the following community desires: senior/affordable housing, building facade improvements, fresh food grocery, greening the corridor, and garden center.

Speakers will include a representative from Friends Rehabilitation about the steps in the process involved in building senior/affordable housing with examples from projects they have built around Philadelphia. Joe McNulty, Cedar Park resident and Baltimore Ave. commercial corridor coordinator for the University City District, will talk about how commercial facade improvement programs work, what sorts of local and state grants and programs are available for Baltimore Ave. businesses. Leah Pillsbury from Mariposa Food Co-op will present information about their plan to expand their store to Beulah Tabernacle building at 49th and Baltimore, including expanding membership to new members, a larger store, more open shopping hours for non-members. Stephanie Chiorean from the Philadelphia Water Department will be speaking on greening plans for the City of Philadlephia and about their ambitious new plans to change the way Philadelphia manages storm water run-off. Danielle Denk will present about a new proposal to possibly bring a Garden Center to some of the empty lots at 51st and Baltimore.

We hope to see you there. Please feel free to invite all of your neighbors for what should be a very informative event.

For further information on the Baltimore Avenue Conversation please contact Cedar Park Neighbors at 267-531-4147 or ***

Also please check out the Baltimore Avenue Community Corridor Design Study yourself online.

The link above has the entire study produced by the Community Design Collaborative with the help and input of everyone who came out and participated in the Baltimore Avenue Conversation project. You can view and flip through the book of the study online or download a copy for yourself at the link above. Thanks again for everyone who came out and provided input to the process.

Friday Night Jazz series returns 5/27 with Dr. Ketchup

Come to Cedar Park 5/27 7:00 pm to enjoy some funky free live jazz with local faves, Dr. Ketchup.

Dr. Ketchup has been at it, up to it and all about it for a good long while. These Cedar Park residents put their distinct remedy in a saucy blend of instrumentation and feel good rhythms. Don’t miss them as they kick off this years Series in Cedar Park. Upcoming Shows: JUNE 3, 2011 Rich Tucker and the Universal Concept

These cats will rock your world! Richard tucker has worked as a professional musician for over twenty years. He is first and foremost a guitarist, but can also play bass. He has a foundation in theory and also loves to play by ear. Featuring Special Guest Vocalist
Suzanne Burgess.


Tony “Stickman” Wyatt, Drums …Tony Wyatt has been a leader and educator for more than thirty years. He has established himself as one of the topdrummers in the tri-state region. Tony has played for Hank Mobley, James Moody, Bootsie Barnes, and a host of others!


These gentlemen are consummate professional musicians. Their high energy style and showmanship is known throughout the region. Their sound is rooted in the tradition of the great Philadelphia jazz organ/guitar combos.

Baltimore Ave. Dollar Stroll Bargains 6/2

15 BUSINESSES TO FEATURE $1 ITEMS IN HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BALTIMORE AVENUE DOLLAR STROLLFrom ice cream to pint glasses to international dishes, $1 deals will be featured every first Thursday from June-September along the avenue; festivities include live music, street vendors, and giveaways of the new West Philly Mix Tape

(Philadelphia, PA) – University City District (UCD) is excited to announce the schedule for the 2011 Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll happening each first Thursday in June through September - June 2, July 7, August 4, and September 1. From 5:30 to 8:30pm. West Philadelphia’s Baltimore Avenue between 42nd and 51st streets will come alive and celebrate its unique businesses offerings and charm with one-night-only $1 bargains. The special $1 items are as eclectic as the fifteen businesses offering them, including Milk & Honey, Dock Street Brewery and the new Mood Cafe. From $1 Bassetts ice cream to $1 mini okinomiyaki (Japanese crepes) to $1 PBRs to $1 Dock Street pint glasses, these warm nights will surely be festive and fun.

In addition to the 15 participating Baltimore Avenue locations, the ever-popular Clark Park Farmers’ Market at 43rd and Baltimore will be offering a spectacular selection of baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and much more every Thursday from 3-7pm. Check out Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos food truck and Country Meadows Barbeque stand who will also compliment the market. Additional food trucks and vendors such as Jimmies Cupcake Co., and Maru Global Takoyai will also be selling $1 items along Baltimore Avenue.

If that isn’t enough, UCD will debut the free West Philly Mix Tape download card featuring tracks from some of the neighborhoods finest musicians including the West Philadelphia Orchestra, Stinking Lizaveta, Dr. Dog's Scott McMicken, Fan of Friends and many more. Stop by the UCD table in front of Calvary Church at 48th and Baltimore to pick one up. All the cool kids will be doing it.

The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll is produced by University City District and sponsored by, Campus Philly, Grid Magazine, Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, UC Net and UC Review. See below for participating businesses or visit for more information.

Baltimore Pet Shoppe 4532 Baltimore Avenue, 215-236-6080 $1 cat and dog treats & accessories

Curio Theatre 815 S. 48th Street, 215-525-1350 $1 tickets to 2011-12 season preview performances

Dahlak 4708 Baltimore Avenue, 215-726-6464 $1 lentil wraps with small salad

Desi Chaat House 501 S. 42nd Street, 215-386-1999 $1 mango lassis, $1 samosas

Desi Village 4527 Baltimore Avenue, 215-382-6000 $1 veggie pakoras, $1 samosas, $1 mango lassis

Dock Street Brewery 701 S. 50th Street, 215-726-2337 $1 focaccia, $1 logo pint glasses

Elena’s Soul Showcase, Lounge & Café 4912 Baltimore Avenue, 215-724-3043 $1 PBR cans

Green Line Café 4239 Baltimore Avenue, 215-222-3431 $1 espressos, $1 icy drinks, $1 vegan cupcakes, $1 mini chomper sandwiches

Mariposa Co-op 4726 Baltimore Avenue, 215-729-2121 $1 beverages, $1 baked goods, $1 packaged snacks

Milk & Honey Market 4435 Baltimore Avenue, 215-387-MILK $1 Bassets ice cream

Mood Café 4618 Baltimore Avenue $1 fresh squeezed juices, $1 mango lassis, $1 ice cream, $1 samosas

Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Bar & Restaurant 4511 Baltimore Avenue, 215-382-2099 $1 cans of beer

The Gold Standard Café 4800 Baltimore Avenue, 215-727-8247 $1 mini sandwiches, $1 wraps, $1 brownies

Vientiane Café 4728 Baltimore Avenue, 215-726-1095 $1 chicken or tofu skewers, $1 spring rolls, $1 bottles of water

VIX Emporium 5009 Baltimore Avenue, 215-471-7700 $1 hand printed West Philly notecard, patch or sticker

"How To Walk To School: Blueprint For A Neighborhood School Renaissance"

Meet the Authors and Panel Discussion at Henry C. Lea Elementary School47th & Locust May 5th @ 5:45pm Free and Open To The Public

The authors of a groundbreaking book about how parents and community members helped to turn the Nettllehurst School in Chicago, a failing public school, into an outstanding and revitilized one. Discussion will include lessons from the examples in the book that parents and community members could use at our local Philadelphia public schools. Discussion is open to the public. Bindlestiff Books will have books for sale at the event.

Garden reception and refreshments will be served.

Download a Flyer for the Event

Love your park - Cedar Park!!

The playground looks great! Now its time to focus on the garden beds and we hope you might like to help.

This Saturday is the annual citywide Love Your Park event which will take place in Cedar Park from 10 am - 1 pm. We will focus on waking up the gardens: weeding, pruning roses, trimming liriope, mulching tree pits and garden beds.

Bring pruners if you have them. We will have other tools and gloves. Children are welcome.

Hope to see you on Saturday

Cedar Park Clean Up - Sat. April 2

Saturday, April 2 · 10:00am - 12:00pm Cedar Park Neighbors is hosting a CleanUp in the the park on April 2 at 10:00-12:00. This event is part of a larger city wide effort to spring clean public spaces and is part of the City Streets Department's, fourth annual Phillly Spring Cleanup.

Come out and meet your neighbors, friends, and other users of Cedar Park

CPN will provide FREE coffee, juice and snacks. UCD will provide tools and gloves, The West Philadelphia Cooperative School is also providing snacks.

PLEASE join us clean up our beloved neighborhood park and help to get it ready for full spring bloom!