Board members attending:  Algernong Allen, Monica Allison, Mahari Bailey, Dorothy Welch Berlind, Sean Dorn, Margaret Ferrigno, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Shawn Markovich, Mavil Spence, Ana Lisa Yoder.  

Board members with excused absence:  Ray Murphy, Beverly Rouse.


Board members absent:  Karen Allen, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Theresa McCole Manzi, Sara Nissley, Marcus Presley, Saba Tedla, Courtney Walton.


Guests:  Seth Budick, UCD; Anthony F. Drake.


Michael opened the meeting at 7:40 PM.  The Board approved the minutes of the October and November meetings of the Board.  There was no Treasurer’s report.




Michael reported on the Budget Committee meeting in Karen’s absence and handed out a draft budget.  After some discussion, a contingency line item of $950.00 was added with an increase in interest income from the Bond Fund  to cover this expense.  The Board voted to approve the  actual budget for 2013; the budget numbers from 2012 included in the handout  were received as a report.


Michael reported that Marcus has resigned as Co-chair of the Membership Committee.  Michael asked for a volunteer to replace Marcus and reminded Board members that this is an important time for the committee with renewals due and a replacement for the newsletter editor to be identified.




Update on IRS Status:  Michael reported that he is in touch with the IRS and with Congressman Fattah’s office.


Grant Closeout:  no report.


Working Group on contributions to other organizations:  no report.


Co-sponsorship of classes with Tool Library:  Michael reported that The Other Carpenter has joined us a another sponsor.  There will be four classes in January and February.


CPN survey on the future of CedarPark:  no report.








Development Impact Task Force:  David reported that the Task Force has not met, but that 2035 Philly held a meeting at the EnterpriseCenter on November 13 and that he and several other CPN members attended.   Another of these meetings will be held in January.


Block Organizing:  Meg reported that preparation for the Workshop on January 12 is going well; speakers will include Patty Bulack from the 48th Street Neighbors group, Ryan Spak from UCD and others.


Zoning:  Shawn reported that the Committee has reviewed the CPN zoning policy and proposes several changes; Michael will send the draft to Board members.  The Committee hopes that the Board will discuss the revised policy at the January meeting.  The Committee just received  notice that 4812 Baltimore has applied for a zoning variance and they will discuss it at their meeting scheduled for this week.


Holiday Baskets:  Dorothy reported that the packing day for Holiday Baskets is this coming Saturday; fundraising and preparation go well.


Jazz:  Monica and Algernong reported that there is nothing new.




First Thursday:  Michael and Algernong attended.  The focus was on economic inclusion and UCD’s Skills Initiative.


UCD Board:  Dorothy reported on the quarterly meeting of UCD’s Board held this afternoon.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Welch Berlind, Secretary