Board members attending:  Monica Allison, Jessica Naugle McAtamney, Karen Allen, Dorothy Welch Berlind, Naomi Fiordimondo, Laurie Friedman, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Sara Nissley, Ray Murphy.  

Board members with excused absence:  Algernong Allen, Sean Dorn, Margaret Ferrigno, Theresa McCole Manzi, Sheri McFarland, Beverly Rouse.


Board members absent:  Laura Raymond, Courtney Walton.


Monica opened the meeting at 7:45 and asked Sara Nissley to report on a new project in the neighborhood.  Sara’s husband, Andy Piefer, and Linford Martin have purchased a property on Pentridge Street between 49th and 50th Streets with the idea of providing space for all sorts of “making”, from wood shops to pottery studios, photography studios to artists work spaces.  The spaces are not for selling things, rather for making things.  A community meeting space is envisioned as well.  They are working on a name for the project.


The Board approved the minutes of December’s meeting.  Karen did not have a Treasurer’s Report this month—she has been busy with the budget.




Karen and the Budget Committee presented and commented on the Budget.  Notable this year is that the budget makes no provision for the Cedar Park Fair.  Our fair has not been well attended in the past few years, while our Fair Committee has done a tremendous amount of work to hold the fair.  There has been discussion in the past about whether or not to continue with it.    The Budget Committee suggests that some of the fair’s activities can be included with the Jazz Series, and that given that Jazz is very well attended  our efforts should be applied there.  Also,  part of the interest earned on our Vanguard Bond Fund, $1400.00,  is directed to operating expenses for CPN.   Grants and fundraising are not in general used for basic operating costs; in the past recycling money supplemented our membership dues used for this purpose.  Especially given our new expense for Board insurance we need to fund basic operations appropriately.  The Board approved the budget unanimously.


The Nominating Committee for Board Elections to be held in April was convened.  Sara, Naomi, and Jessica will serve.




IRS Status:  Michael and Karen reported that they continue to work on this; they will have a report at our February meeting.


Communication with the Councilwoman re Baltimore Avenue Conversation:  Monica and David are following up on this.


Development Goals for CPN:  Ray reported that despite a slowing down over the holidays, work continues and meetings are being scheduled.




Education:  Sara reported that she is willing to convene a meeting of the committee.  When Danielle left the Board due to her new job, she also left the committee and new leadership has not emerged.  Sara is very busy at this point, but the Board encouraged her to simply convene a meeting and see whether on not someone is willing to lead, and what projects folks are interested in.


Property Housing Task Force:  Dorothy reported that the Task Force met on January 18.  L&I’s Strategic Initiative and the Baltimore Avenue Conversation were discussed and Apple Lofts was discussed in some detail.  The Task Force agreed to invite Joe Sherick and Susanne Stone of Sherick Development to our next meeting to discuss what they might be able to contribute to our efforts on Baltimore Avenue.


Scholarship Committee:  Laurie reported that work is proceeding on the Scholarship Fundraiser.  The Committee had its get-together with the students over the holidays and though only one student was able to make it others enjoyed.  Applications for scholarships for the coming academic year are due June 1.


Communications and Membership:  Michael reported that a meet and greet is planned at Gojo in February.


Zoning:  Maureen emailed a list of the issues that the committee is working on:  Apple Lofts, 4610 Cedar, 4618 Cedar, 1121 South 48th, 5105 Pentridge, 4916 Warrington, 629 South 49th, 800 South St Bernard, 4726 Baltimore.  There next meeting is February 16.




First Thursday:  Michael reported that Health and Fitness was the topic of the January meeting.  Michael followed this meeting up with a visit to SayreHealthCenter.  The topic of the Feb 2 meeting will be economic inclusion.


UCD Community Police:  Lisa attended; the meeting was well attended due to recent crimes in the neighborhood which have worried us all.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Berlind, Secretary