Check out what’s happening in the CPN Scholarship Corner! by Laura McHugh, CPN Scholarship Committee

This post originally published in the June 2012 edition of the Cedar Park Neighbors Newsletter. This year’s annual scholarship fundraiser on Sunday, March 25 at Dock Street Brewery was once again a rousing success!  With nearly 100 people in attendance and thousands of dollars raised, CPN would like to offer a special thanks to Rosemarie and her team atDock Street, as well as all of the businesses and neighbors that continue to support this annual event through ticket sales and/or auction donations year after year.  Please check out our full list of supporters!


Supporting CPN Scholarship Committee events, like our annualDock Streetfundraiser above, is critical to raising scholarship funds for students like Hahn Nguyen, a freshman atTempleUniversity, and one of our current CPN scholarship recipients.  Below, Hahn reflects on what the CPN scholarship has meant to her this first year:


“The famous Sir Isaac Newton once said, ‘If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.’  This saying perfectly describes how grateful I feel towards the assistance and help I’ve received from Cedar Park Neighbors and their generous scholarship.  This year, I began to embark on my college journey.  Before I even started, I was very stressed about how to pay for college, seeing as paying for high school was already difficult.  I made my choice to go to Temple in part because of its cheaper tuition compared to many other colleges and my decision was finalized when I got accepted into their new Bachelor in Science Nursing program.  Nursing, specifically neonatal nursing, has been my passion and dream job.  However, not only did I have to stress about paying for tuition and books, I was also required to buy nursing/medical supplies and uniforms for the program.  I felt overwhelmed by the prices of the medical supplies, most of them being over a hundred dollars and more.  But with the help of my Cedar Park Neighbors scholarship, I was able to pay for my Nursing books and some of the supplies such as the stethoscope, scrubs, and sphygmomanometer.  I was always worried that my financial issues would prevent me from living my dream fully, but with this scholarship I have been able to begin my first steps into making my dream become reality.

            I have now finished my first year of college and survived the first year of Temple University’s nursing program.  Although it has been a very difficult, stressful, and time consuming experience, I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Through the first year of the program, I have learned to take patient’s blood pressure and interacted with senior citizens and children at various field work placements in the community.  My passion for nursing has been further ignited and I can’t wait to start my clinicals next semester.  I would like to once again thank everyone involved in the Cedar Park Neighbors scholarship committee for helping me be able to live these wonderful experiences I’ve had this past year at Temple University.”


Hahn Nguyen


If you have not already, it is not too late to support scholarships for Hahn and others in 2012-2013!  You can make a donation through the CPN website or by sending a check to CPN marked “Scholarship”.


More information about the Scholarship Program can be found at


Questions?  Please call CPN at 267-531-4147 or email


Many thanks to our Scholarship Fundraiser Business Supporters…



AnnenbergCenterfor the Performing Arts

Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods

Atlantic Medical Specialty

Baltimore AvePet Shoppe


Bed Bath & Beyond

Boost Market

DBA Little Home Repairs


Dock Street Brewery

East SmithfieldHealthcare

Eastern State Penitentiary

Elena's Showcase Lounge

Firehouse Bicycles

Gold Standard

Green Line Café

Harvard Children's Academy

House of Our Own Books

Lee's Deli

Liz Campion


Morris Arboretum of theUniversityofPennsylvania


New Deal Lumber and Millwork Company

Nigerian African Grocery

PhiladelphiaFederal Credit Union

PhiladelphiaMuseumof Art


Studio 34

Sunray Drugs

Talking Headz

Tom Davis Pharmacy

Tool Library ofPhiladelphia



Vix Emporium

Wake Up Yoga

Wayne's Garage

West Philadelphia Locksmith Company



and to these individual donors!!

Diane Bezella

Darryl Bundridge

Dr. Gerard Davis

Kitakiya Dennis

James Donley

Bruce Dorpalen

Agnes Dumas

Johanna Fine

Claudia Hamilton

Emily Hirshorn

Hillary Kane

George Karpyn

Richard Keiser

Peggy and Todd Kovich

Judyann McCarthy

Dr. Alice Moyer

Amy Myers

Representative James Roebuck

Lola Rooney

Beverly Rouse

Jen Smith

Maureen Tate and Gerald McHugh

Senator Anthony Williams

Nancy Wygant

Mary Yee