CPN hosts townhall on property taxes

IMG_20130911_203936_417 Cedar Park Neighbors hosted a workshop for over 50 neighbors on Wednesday, September 11.  The workshop, co-sponsored with our friends at Walnut Hill Community Association and Garden Court Community Association, discussed how to apply for the homestead exemption, how to appeal your AVI assessment to the BRT, and much more.  We were also joined by Rep. Jim Roebuck, Marty Cabry and Chris Riddick from Councilwoman Blackwell's office, and Monty Wilson, an attorney with Community Legal Services.

For more information on the various tax programs, you can download the Crosstown Coalition of Taxpayers' excellent guides at the links below:

AVI Survival Guide (includes information on various programs for low-income taxpayers, seniors, and people with disabilities.)

AVI Appeal Guide (includes step-by-step information on how to appeal your property assessment)