CPN seeks new board members

5937_10151522708603031_1602706112_nAre you interested in serving your community as a member of the board of Cedar Park Neighbors? Let’s talk! We’re looking for a few new members of the Board for terms that start on June 1, 2014. More information about serving on the board is below. If you’re interested, please contact Saba Tedla at sabatedla@gmail.com by February 15.

Responsibilities of Cedar Park Neighbors Board Members

Cedar Park Neighbors is the recognized community organization for the Cedar Park neighborhood. As such, its responsibility extends beyond its general membership which elects the Officers and Directors-at-large to include all residents within its boundaries.  As a non-profit under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law and a federally tax exempt entity, the CPN Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must adhere to federally and state stipulated procedures and practices. In addition, the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must follow the rules and regulations that are commonly considered acceptable as long as these do not violate the state and federal laws which govern our status. Moreover, the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must observe the CPN By-Laws and Board Resolutions.

As representatives of the community and the organization, CPN Board Members, individually and collectively, must behave in a responsible, accountable manner in order to ensure the organization’s purpose of promoting “the general welfare of the community.”


  • read all documentation in the CPN Board Packet
  • become familiar with the CPN By-Laws and other pertinent documents
  • read minutes and other relevant reports prior to Board Meetings
  • prepare and deliver succinct reports


  • commit to monthly two-hour CPN Board Meetings
  • attend CPN Board Meetings
  • be prompt to CPN Board Meetings
  • chair or be a member of a Committee
  • participate in CPN activities
  • encourage neighbors and friends to join CPN and participate in CPN activities
  • pay dues to maintain current membership throughout board term of office


  • make relevant and concise comments at CPN Board Meetings
  • be considerate and courteous to other CPN Board Members

Legal & Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • represent CPN General Membership
  • observe and follow CPN By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and Board Resolutions
  • be accountable to CPN Membership and Neighborhood regarding financial transactions and statements (including overseeing how, when, and where money is spent)
  • ensure maintenance of accurate, verifiable records and accounting procedures of organization and committees