Expansion On Track: Mariposa Co-op New Location to Open in January

It has been exciting to see Mariposa Food Co-op expand into their new location at 4824-26 Baltimore Avenue, as they move forward with speed, energy and local support. A fresh food market was the number one priority identified by local residents in last year’s Baltimore Avenue Conversation. Pleased that the expansion was not just about size but also about outreach to more households and that the variety of membership categories would allow for greater access to the market for the general public, CPN has provided tangible support to the effort. To achieve these goals for the community, the CPN Board voted to invest in Mariposa in the form of a 3% loan in the amount of $10,000 over a 10-year period. We are excited to see this project take shape and look forward to celebrating the Grand Opening in the new year.

CPN is pleased to share the following updates provide by Chakka Reeves, the new Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for Mariposa.

Construction on the new store at 4824 Baltimore Avenue started on September 6th. The store is on track to open January 2012.

The new store will be open to everyone, but members will still receive discounts and other benefits.

Mariposa Food Co-op reached 1,000 members on September 27th 2011! They are extremely excited that the expansion allows them to welcome so many new members. They hope to reach 1,300 members by Grand Opening.

This summer Mariposa Food Co-op introduced a non-working member option, for members who want to be involved in Mariposa but are unable to contribute work hours. For more information on joining, visit or stop by the current store at 4726 Baltimore Avenue.

For any additional questions, please contact Mariposa Food Co-op’s new Marketing and Outreach Coordinator Chakka Reeves at chakka@mariposa.coop.