Future of the Neighborhood Report

In the summer of 2012, over 500 Cedar Park residents participated in a survey about the future of the Cedar Park neighborhood. Over several months, members of the CPN board and Development Impact Task Force  have analyzed and compiled the data from the survey. CPN also researched recent census data to contextualize the changes seen and experienced over the last decade. Within the survey responses, there was wide agreement from survey respondents on many important topics. Almost universally, there was excitement about increased vitality of the Baltimore Avenue commercial corridor, the decreasing number of blighted/vacant properties and the sense of community that residents feel here.

Sense of community, access to public transit, walkability, bikeability, green space, architectural character, affordability, and racial & economic diversity are the top reasons that Cedar Park residents choose to live in the neighborhood.

On matters of zoning, residents want to see more growth and amenities along commercially zoned areas of the neighborhood, and a majority of respondents preferred that new commercial development be led by local business owners. Most neighbors desire future development that is compatible with the character and style of existing architecture. See the attached report for the full analysis and data.

Download here: CPN Future of the Neighborhood Report Findings

Contact david.hincher at gmail dot com if you have any questions or comments regarding this survey.


David Hincher

Chair, CPN Development Impact Task Force