Hail, O Studious Ones! Meet the 2011 CPN Scholarship Recipients

By Laura McHugh, CPN Scholarship Committee Thank you to everyone in Cedar Park who has generously contributed to our 2011 Scholarship Program thus far.  On Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at 1 p.m. at the Cedar Park Fair, we awarded another eight scholarships to deserving students in ourCedarParkcommunity. Together as a community we publicly recognize our awardees for their hard work and success in high school, their service to the community, and their continued commitment to furthering their education at the college level.

Since the committee’s inception, 136 scholarships valued at a total of $74,000 have been awarded to approximately 61 deserving neighborhood scholars. The Scholarship Committee is incredibly grateful to our community members who continue to donate funds to make these scholarships possible every year. Check out our talented 2011CedarParkscholarship recipients below!

Multiple-Year CPN Scholarship Recipients

Sara Ghebremariam is a graduate of West Catholic HS and is going into her senior year at theUniversityofPennsylvaniawhere she is majoring in Psychology. Sara has worked as a research assistant for a number of labs at the university and is involved in various activities including an executive board position with the Kite and Key Society, the oldest and largest community service organization at UPenn.

Dung Nguyen graduated from West Catholic HS and is headed into her junior year atTempleUniversitywhere she majors in Biology and Pre-Pharmacy. AtTempleshe is actively in the Asian Student Association and Pre-Pharmacy Association.

Hanh Nguyen graduated from West Catholic HS and is going into her sophomore year atTempleUniversitywhere she is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Nursing degree. Hanh is a member of the Asian Student Association atTempleand recently completed her first “field work” experience at People to People Daycare Center.

Miranda Siddall graduated from Central HS and is going into her sophomore year atBrynMawrCollege, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. Miranda has been an active volunteer for both Cedar Park Neighbors and St. Francis De Sales Parish for many years. At Bryn Mawr, Miranda is involved in the College Democrats, is an organizer for the college’s “Food Week” and holds a work-study job.

Zachary Spence graduated from George Washington Carver HS for Engineering & Science and is heading into his sophomore year at the Howard University School of Engineering where he majors in Computer Engineering. In high school, Zachary was a member of the National Honors Society and the National Society for Black Engineers.

First-Time CPN Scholarship Recipients

Teila Allmond recently graduated fromScienceLeadershipAcademyand will be attending New York Institute of Technology where she will be pursuing an Engineering degree. In high school, Teila was active in soccer, basketball, and the tech squad all while maintaining a 3.5 GPA. She is also an active member of the CPN community, including participation in regular block cleanups and St. Francis De Sales Church.

Briana Lanerecently graduated from West Philadelphia HS and will be attendingWidenerUniversityin the fall. Briana was Valedictorian of her class atWest Philadelphia, where she received first honors and was an active member of her school community, serving as captain of the cheerleading team and participating in the Community Service Corps and the Ambassadors Club.

Kamilla Philson recently graduated fromRobertE.LambertonHigh Schooland will be attendingLincolnUniversityin the Fall. At Lamberton she was an honor roll student and a member of the National Honors Society in addition to her participation in track & field and cross-country extra-curricular activities.