Little Babies Ice Cream Coming to Cedar Park?

littlebabies3 On Valentines Day, in a “An Open Love Letter and Letter of Intent to the Citizens of the Cedar Park Neighborhood & Surrounding West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania," Little Babies Ice Cream announced that they were coming to Cedar Park.

Specifically, they want to open an ice cream parlor at 4903 Catherine Street, right across the street from Cedar Park.

Little Babies, as many may know, is a hand-made ice cream shop based in East Kensington.  (You can read more about them at their website here.)

On February 21, Cedar Park Neighbors held a community meeting to hear neighbors' thoughts on Little Babies.  As a result of the meeting, we sent a letter of support to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  You can read the letter below.

We look forward to welcoming Little Babies to our neighborhood.


Click here for a pdf of the letter.