Neighbors help to rebuild damaged Cedar Park

Dear neighbor-- Earlier this week, someone callously and deliberately tore out more than a dozen plants and native grasses that surrounded the memorial and traffic triangle garden on the eastern side of Cedar Park.  Gone were our coneflowers, autumn joy sedum, black-eyed susans, and day lillies.  Plus, over the past year, we've lost a whole section of winterberry bushes that need to be replaced.

Cedar Park Neighbors has worked hard to restore our park, planting flowers, fixing up the playground, holding our weekly jazz series in the summertime, and keeping it clean.

We were shocked that someone did this to our park.  Cedar Park is the hub of our community and a place where all residents come together.  We are determined to replace the plants as quickly as possible.  And make Cedar Park more beautiful than ever.

Early estimates put the cost at several hundred dollars.  Would you help us purchase new plants to replace those that were stolen or destroyed?

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to replace the plants by completing the form below.  All donations received by Friday, September 30, will be used solely for purchasing new plants for the park.