Pedestrian Plaza Begins at Baltimore & 48th Street


More than 18 months ago, Seth Budick from the University City District (UCD) came to the Board of Cedar Park Neighbors with a proposal.

UCD wanted to submit a bid to the City to build a pedestrian plaza at the corner of Baltimore Ave, South 48th Street, and Florence Avenue.  It's a crazy intersection, as we all know, and the plaza was aimed at calming traffic and easing the way for pedestrians and bikers.  With CPN's support, the City approved UCD's proposal.  And this past weekend, after months of discussions with many stakeholders, the City finally painted the bump outs.  The next step is to put in planters and benches in the now painted spaces.

A rendering of what the pedestrian plaza will look like is above.  An article that ran in Philly Curbed, a popular Philadelphia real estate blog, in February 2012, has more information.