Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Program Announced

Five years after the launch of the RecycleBank pilot in Philadelphia, the city has now announced a full launch of the Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program in partnership with RecycleBank. This victory is due in large part to the efforts of the 13,000 residents that signed the RecycleNOW petition during the Mayor’s race urging for recycling improvements. Give yourself a pat on the back! Based on the total amount of recycling collected in their neighborhood, residents will earn points that can be redeemed to use at local and national retailers, or donated to non-profits. This encourages residents to urge their neighbors to recycle as well. Residents can also earn points for trash reduction.

The program will begin in February of 2010 in North Philadelphia, and will roll out in an additional section of the city each month, making the program citywide by July.

Residents can sign up at and register to receive a sticker, to be placed on any bin. You can help by encouraging your friends and neighbors to sign up today!