West Philly Tool Library Expands at New Location

By Jake Blanch, Tool Library Steering Committee Early this Spring, the West Philly Tool Library decided to jump at the chance to expand into a larger space at1314 South 47th Street, mere yards from its original location. With the support of a handful of members and volunteers, the Tool Library was shuttled by truck, wheelbarrow, and foot around the corner into a warehouse that promises a wealth of new possibilities and greater accessibility for a larger geographic area by way of the popular thruway that is47th Street. The steering committee spent late nights organizing the tools and building custom fixtures out of reclaimed shipping crates donated by local members, and although the new location remains a work in progress, it promises to provide new opportunities for growth: more classes, more tools, and with luck, more members.

For more information regarding membership, volunteering, and donations, please contact info@westphillytools.org or stop in to check out the new space!  With new ideas and opportunities at a steady stream, this is an exciting time for WPTL and its members, and we look forward to continued growth for and with our neighbors.