Zoning News by Maureen Tate, CPN Zoning Committee

This post originally published in the June 2012 edition of the Cedar Park Neighbors Newsletter. The CPN Zoning Committee has been very busy with a constant stream of local zoning issues.  Zoning Committee members also attended a workshop hosted by the City Planning Commission regarding the role of community groups under the new Zoning Code.   Community groups, meeting certain eligibility criteria, now must apply to the Planning Commission to serve in the role of a Registered Community Organization (RCO). CedarPark Neighbors meets the criteria and will submit the registration application.  Under the new zoning code, RCO’s will: be posted on public sites that are made known to zoning applicants to facilitate communication with the local community; receive notification of issues pending within our boundary; have the right to appear before the ZBA on local applications; and be included in design review committees on larger projects impacting our community.


The following issues have been considered by the CPN Zoning Committee in recent months.

- 780 S. 52nd Street:  The application for the conversation of the former Apple Storage building to loft apartments was granted by the ZBA.  CPN launched a successful campaign to document community support for this application which was submitted the ZBA.

- 800 S. St. Bernard:  The application for conversion to a three family dwelling was granted by the ZBA following a compromise submitted to the ZBA, by the applicant, to eliminate all proposed additions.  CPN supported neighbors in objecting to the application, advocating for a single family or duplex and  made a strenuous objection to the proposed additions.

- 503 S. 52nd St.:  Application for a take-out certificate for a coffee shop and internet café was granted. Upon notification of nearby residents and businesses, CPN entered a position of No Objection.

- 5027 Baltimore Ave.: Application for a take-out certificate for proposed gourmet hot dog/sandwich business with 4 dwelling units in an existing structure is pending a June 13th ZBA hearing.  CPN sought a continuance on an April 11 ZBA hearing to allow for notification to nearby neighbors, and received no notice of objection.  The applicant withdrew a proposed addition to the 3rd floor.   CPN entered a position of No Objection.

- 4610 Cedar Ave.:  CPN continues to monitor interest by a localPhiladelphia business about possible use of the space for an ice cream parlor.  No application for a use variance has been submitted at this time.

- 4907 Catharine:  An application for a take-out certificate for a counter service vegetarian café with smoothie bar.  Application is pending a July 13 fast track ZBA hearing.  CPN will conduct notification of nearby residents and businesses.

- 5114 Hazel Ave:  An application under review by the Zoning Committee for conversion of a single family house to a triplex.  Neighbors will be notified about an opportunity to meet with the developer prior to a ZBA hearing on July 18.

- 5033 Baltimore Ave.:  An Application seeking legalization of 4 apartments.  No ZBA hearing to date.  The Committee is clarifying application and will conduct notification of neighbors.

- 5016 Walton:  An application for legalization of two family dwelling pending July 18th hearing.  CPN notified neighbors and heard no objection.  CPN will enter a position of No Objection.

4618 Cedar Ave.:  An application to legalize new signage was granted by the ZBA despite community and CPN objection.


The CPN Zoning Committee generally meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm.  If you have questions about any of these issues or are a CPN member interested in serving on the committee please contact the committee at: contact@cedarparkneighbors.org