In Memoriam: Sarah Collins Adams Mack

Cedar Park Neighbors regrets to share the news of the recent death of one of our long time and most active members.  Mrs. Mack was blessed with a long life which she shared generously with her community.  She was 94 at the time of her death and family, friends and community members gathered to celebrate her life at a funeral held on March 22 at Mount Zion Baptist Church at 5015 Woodland Avenue.

Sarah Mack was the only daughter of Sheppard and Dolly Collins of Philadelphia.  She married Frank Otis Adams Sr. in 1936 and the couple had eight children.  Mrs. Mack’s roots go deep in our community.  She attended Wilson School, Shaw Middle School, and West Philadelphia High School and completed two years at Community College of Philadelphia.   After Mr. Adams death, she met and married Jacob Mack in 1971.  Mr. Mack died in 1999.  Mrs. Mack was employed in many positions, as a crossing guard and as a clerk for the Curtis Publishing Co. and the School Security Administration.  She later worked as a home and school community coordinator.

Sarah Mack was a true community activist and wore many hats in her years of community service.  She was an active member Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  She served as a member of the community board for the West Philadelphia Free School, the Woodland Avenue Committee, the Southern Home for Children, the NAACP, the American Society of Friends Weekend Work Camp and Cedar Park Neighbors.

Cedar Park Neighbors greatly benefited from Mrs. Mack’s activism and leadership.  She served on the CPN Board from 1975 through 1981 and then most recently served again from 2005-2007.  While active in many CPN activities, Mrs. Mack notably served as Treasurer of Cedar Park Development Inc., formed in 1974 as a project of Cedar Park Neighbors at that time to develop nine blighted and abandoned properties on Hazel Avenue and the 800 and 900 blocks of S. 49th St. that were sold to owner occupants.  In the early 1990’s, she also served on the board of the West Philadelphia Future Fund which raised and distributed funds to attract and support minority owned businesses in the Firehouse Market Project.

Cedar Park Neighbors extends sympathies to Sarah Mack’s family in this time of loss.  She was a formidable presence in our community and a woman for whom we have deep respect and appreciation.  Donations in her memory may be sent to the Sarah A. Mack Book Fund, c/o Mount Zion Baptist Church Scholarship Committee, 5015 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, PA  19143

CPN Board of Directors Election & Annual Membership Meeting, April 22, 2013

(Photo courtesy of Join us on Monday, April 22, 2013 at Calvary Center for Culture & Community (48th Street and Baltimore Avenue) for CPN's Annual Board of Directors Election and Annual Membership Meeting.  Voting will take place from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.  Program will start at 7:00pm.  (Note that per our by-laws, only those  members whose memberships are current as of April 1 are eligible to vote.)


  • Introduction of nominees and standing Board Members
  • Update on the AVI Townhall meeting
  • Update on "Future of the Neighborhood" survey
  • Featured Speaker:  Iola Harper, Enterprise Center Senior Director of the Acceleration Group
  • Community announcements
  • Representative from Police District
  • Recognition of long dedication to CPN by Karen Allen, Dorothy Berlind, Laurie Friedman,         Victoria Iannotta, and Joanne Pham
  • Announcements of new Board Members (polls close at 7:30 pm)

The Cedar Park Nominations Committee presents the following candidates for Board Election


Michael Froehlich, 500 block, S. 48th Street

I live in Cedar Park with my partner, Susanna, and four-year-old daughter, Zora. What do we love about our neighborhood?  The porches, the restaurants, the play grounds, the trees, and, most importantly, the people!  I have served on the board of CPN for about four years.  I was elected to be President in 2012 and now stand for re-election.  During the day, I work as a legal aid lawyer with Community Legal Services. I am a founder of the West Philly Tool Library and serve on the boards of UC Green and Shakespeare in Clark Park.  I’m excited about the opportunity to continue to work together to improve Cedar Park for long-time residents and newcomers, seniors and school children, and everyone in between.



Monica Allison, 4900 block, Catharine Street

I joined the board of Cedar Park Neighbors a decade ago.  I have lived in this neighborhood closing in on 20 years and have witnessed the change in our community.  Being on the board of Cedar Park Neighbors has given me an opportunity to serve my community, my block and my city. West Philadelphia is my home, and I will continue working towards a cohesive vision of our neighborhood. We are facing challenges within our community that need addressing. Working with Cedar Park Neighbors, and its membership, we can overcome these challenges. Currently, I am a member on the following CPN committees: Park Maintenance, Membership, Jazz, Education and Block Organizing.  I serve as Program Director for Virtual Tutoring and Mentoring, Inc, a nonprofit educational learning center for cyber schooled children. I am entering my second year as President of Pennsylvania Families for Public Cyber Schools and am a BAEO (Black Alliance for Educational Options) Ambassador.  Recently, I began working with Senator Anthony H. Williams on his Violence Reduction Initiative for West Philadelphia and have accepted the position as Community Liaison for Dreamweaverz Inc., a grass roots organization with the mission of addressing some of the basic needs of Philadelphia communities, which involves crime prevention, public safety, education, youth employment and empowerment.  I am looking forward to continuing to assisting my neighbors, my neighborhood and my city in the capacity of First Vice President of Cedar Park Neighbors.


David Hincher, 5000 block, Catharine Street

I have lived in Cedar Park for the past 5 years along with my wife and 4 year old daughter, who attends the Children’s Community School, located within the Calvary Center.   We love the neighborhood with its diversity and community energy, and are excited to see it brimming with activity and amenities such as the new Mariposa Coop grocery store.  I am a licensed architect and leverage that knowledge and expertise to assist Cedar Park Neighbors. I have a particular interest in issues that impact the quality of life in the community, such as the vitality of neighborhood schools, zoning, development, safety, etc. I was the lead volunteer on the Baltimore Avenue Community Corridor design study, completed in 2010.  I joined and now chair the CPN Development Impact Task Force (formerly Property Housing Task Force) to further the strategic vision for Baltimore Avenue and proactively engage community development.  I have been a board member since 2011 and served as 2nd Vice President during 2012. My goal is to assist CPN in achieving the Baltimore Avenue vision to extend prosperity further west along our main street. I am also the CPN steering committee representative for the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Phila2035 community plan and zoning effort, which will influence future neighborhood investment.   I am a member of the West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools (WPCNS) and have worked with Henry C. Lea Elementary School as part of the Greening Lea Task Force. Last year, we completed a Community Design Collaborative grant-funded strategic plan focused on improvements to the asphalt schoolyard.



Ana Lisa Yoder, 4800 block, Beaumont Avenue

I have lived in Cedar Park for 13 years, currently with my partner Tony and 4½ year old son Jai on a sweet little block of Beaumont Avenue.  I have been on the CPN board for the last year and in that time have served on both the budget and nominations committees. In the last several months I have also supported the analysis of CPN’s Future of the Neighborhood Survey results.  I am grateful for many things about this neighborhood, including its many green spaces and independent businesses and restaurants.  I also recognize that increasing property values and other changes in Cedar Park have impacted neighbors of varying demographics (income level, ethnicity, and length of residency) in different ways.  These changes present both opportunities and challenges to CPN.  I hope to continue supporting CPN’s work to understand and represent the interests of all who live within Cedar Park’s boundaries.   As a Community Impact Manager at The Philadelphia Foundation by day, part of my job involves reviewing applications and making recommendations for funding.  This work has given me an awareness of the importance of good organizational record keeping and I would be honored to support the organization’s ongoing health by serving in the role of Secretary for the next year.


Naomi Fiordimondo, 5000 block, Catharine St.

Naomi Fiordimondo has lived in West Philly for more than 15 years and previously served on the CPN Board for 5 years. Professionally, she is a food marketer and is working on her MBA at St. Joseph’s University Haub School of Business. Additionally, Naomi served as block captain for 7 years at 5000 Catharine Street where she lives with her husband and three rescued cats. As block captain, Naomi organized clean-ups, hosted regular meetings & block gatherings, helped neighbors in need, encouraged Junior Block Captains to get involved, got street signs replaced, organized neighbor-volunteers to maintain and upgrade abandoned and neglected properties and welcomes new neighbors. She facilitated the planting of many trees on the block through UC



DIRECTORS (2 year terms, vote for 8)

Ariel Ben-Amos, 4800 block, Hazel Ave.

I moved to Cedar Park from Spruce Hill in 2012 and I am excited by the opportunity to serve on the Cedar Park Neighbors Board.  While I have significant experience serving on boards across the city, I have yet to serve on one devoted to a neighborhood, let alone my community.  My excitement is peppered by my love for West Philly and Cedar Park.  I am committed to serving my community in a way that builds off of my skills and experience.  I am a senior planner and analyst for the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.  In this role I have provided policy and project management support for projects ranging from Street Furniture to Pedestrian Plaza and Parklet programs. I have a long history of working in Philadelphia’s CDC (Community Development Corporation) community (from Mt. Airy USA, to UCD and NeighborhoodsNow) and have served on the boards of the Design Advocacy Group, Crossroads Music and the Gershman Y. I served two years in the Peace Corps in Albania before returning to my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania for a dual degree in City and Regional Planning and Government Administration.  I am a Mt. Airy native, but West Philly is my home.

Suzanne B. Anderson, 700 block, S. 49th St.

I’ve lived in University City for the better part of 33 years - in Powelton Village, Spruce Hill, and Cedar Park sections of University City and currently reside on the 700 block of South 49th street with my husband, Kelvyn, our 2 teenage daughters and 2 golden retrievers.  Kelvyn and I bought and moved into our house in 2011, the week of Hurricane Irene!   We’ve been members of CPN since that time. We’ve come full circle, as we lived on the 4900 block of Catharine Street in the late 1980’s.

I joined the CPN Zoning Committee this past summer.  Since joining I’ve been an active participant and consistent advocate for the community in discussions with developers.  I see these discussions as opportunities to negotiate growth that enhances everyone’s quality of life in our neighborhood.

I earned my MSW from Temple University 20 years ago and have been involved with various civic groups since then.  I was a former board member of CHAT-Consider Homelessness A Tragedy, am a member of Friends of Clark Park and an active supporter of our daughters’ schools.  My particular civic interest is in greening and cleaning the community. I’m a regular participant in block cleanups, negotiated an agreement with the owner of a multi-unit rental property across the street from us and planted a Juneberry tree in that plot and have begun to plant native plants there as well.

I recently earned my J.D and am very interested in real estate and contract law and applying my skills and interests to reduce blight and litter and increase the amount of trees and green space in the Cedar Park section of University City, believing a cleaner and greener neighborhood will enhance the quality of life for everyone in Cedar Park.

Sean Dorn, 5000 block, Catharine Street

I have lived in Cedar Park since 2000 and live on Catharine Street with my wife, Emily, and our daughter, Nora. My wife and I own VIX Emporium at 50th and Baltimore. VIX, besides featuring handmade gifts by local residents, is a co-sponsor of the GO WEST Craft Fest in Woodland Cemetery. I'm an advocate for a diverse and active commercial corridor on Baltimore Avenue and very interested in neighborhood history. I helped to design and re-launch CPN's website on a more interactive, user-driven model and participate on CPN's Development Impact Task Force and on the Membership Committee.

Ivana Dussell, 5000 block, Baltimore Avenue

I have worked for Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (PFCU) for 11 years and at the 50th and Baltimore location for 6 years and am the Branch Manager.  I do not live in this community, although I spend most of my days here, which makes it my home away from home.  PFCU cares about the community and its people and we want to see them thrive. We donate money and staff through the year to help communities and less fortunate by collecting winter coats, and collecting for our troops overseas. PFCU also sponsors Friday Night Jazz in Cedar Park every summer.

I was born and raised in former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, and came to the USA as an exchange student my senior year in high school. I returned to Serbia to attend the University of Belgrade for one year when my host family invited me back to attend school here. I came back in 1993 and have been here ever since. I graduated from Temple with the degree in International Business.  I have been in banking for over 16 years and it is my 11th year at PFCU.

I did a lot of volunteer work in Serbia where the unemployment rate has always been high and there are not really paying jobs for young people. I used to volunteer with the younger kids as a tutor, help the gym teacher with activities and organize fund raising activities in the elementary schools.  Now that I am married and have a family and two wonderful kids with busy lives, it is more difficult to do voluntary work, but I volunteer at my kid’s school and participate in fundraising and community service.

I come from a diverse culture and have been exposed to a variety of situations and issues that I had to deal with.  All of my banking experience, customer service experience, leadership and management experience would make me a great candidate for your board.  There are many reasons I would like to be an active board member of CPN.  I have worked for PFCU for the past six years in the West Philadelphia branch. During that time I have had the pleasure of meeting and helping some wonderful individuals. My primary desire is to use my business acumen and knowledge of people to move from helping individuals to contributing to the larger Cedar Park community.

Margaret Ferrigno, 5000 block, Cedar Avenue

I moved to West Philly in 2008 after seven years of volunteer work in Asia. Currently, I am pursuing my doctorate in Sustainability Education and work for the University of Pennsylvania Netter Center, directing the Huey community school on 52nd Street.  This past year, I founded the Ahimsa House, a center for nonviolence, through my nonprofit, the Pureland Project. Ahimsa house offers free yoga, meditation, dance, non violent communication and gardening classes to the community.  I co-ordinate the Block Leaders Committee for CPN and am becoming the block captain for the 5000 block of Cedar Avenue.


Michelle Lewis, 5000 block, Willows Avenue

I moved to Cedar Park in 1984 when I migrated from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. I attended St. Francis De Sales Elementary school, graduated from West Catholic Girls High and hold a Bachelors of Science in Sociology from St. Joseph’s University. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Organizational Development and Design. I also work at St. Joseph's University as the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life/ Associate Provost.  I am married with three children, two juniors in college and one in the eighth grade.

I am described by my colleagues and friends as the “organizer.” I enjoy event planning, promotions, creating itineraries, and working under pressure, while staying on budget. I also love researching ways to improve prior events and how to increase turnout.

Prior to July 2012, I had no experience organizing community events. However, last summer I decided to research what was required to become a block captain in Philadelphia. I petitioned to become the official block captain, held two block meetings, added our block to the City’s clean block list and organized our first block party in over 15 years…and I did this in three weeks!

I have a renewed passion for this community. I have witnessed our residents’ desire to improve this neighborhood and I want to be a part of this transformation.  I want to help foster a sense of belonging to neighbors and engage those who don’t feel a part of this community. I want to hear people’s concerns and help them find solution. These are just some of my goals I hope to accomplish while serving on the Board.

Gregg Mohrmann, 4700 block, Springfield Avenue

I'm proud to be a more recent addition to the Cedar Park Neighborhood. A little over two years ago, my wife Rachel and I moved into the former house of Joan Wells. The last two years have been an adventure of remodeling, exploration of local restaurants and a chance to meet great neighbors. I'm originally from Long Island, NY and Rachel from Silicon Valley, CA but moved to Philadelphia for our love of history, warm diverse neighborhoods and incredible food. More specifically, West Philadelphia offered all the benefits of being local to a big city but at the same time the comforts of a cozy suburb with dog parks, B&Bs and street parking! When I get time, I love to garden, cook (you can even see me at our grill in the winter), participate in community fundraisers, and eat at our great local restaurants.

After attending college in upstate NY at Binghamton University for psychology, I received a Masters in Healthcare Administration in NYC. When not enjoying free time in the neighborhood, I am a partner in a healthcare technology consulting firm with local clients that include Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Virtua and Einstein Healthcare.  I am energized to run for the CPN Board so I can continue to give back to our incredible neighborhood and encourage growth in all areas which excite me about living in this neighborhood. My wife and I love University City and think our neighborhood will continue to grow but realize it will take a lot of work from all of us. If you vote for me to join the Board of Directors, I will work hard to continue making our neighborhood a place where families, like ours, and what I am sure future families will see as a great place to live.

Pat Warner, 4800 Block, Windsor Avenue

I have lived in Cedar Park for more than 25 years, both as a renter and, for the past 17 years, as a homeowner.  My partner and I chose to live in Cedar Park for many reasons, primarily the racial and economic diversity of the community; its convenient location to both Center City and Delaware County; and the green and open space throughout the neighborhood.  Those have remained very important to me throughout the neighborhood’s many changes in the past 25 years.   We have built a very strong community of friends in West Philly. We have met them through community activities, through our daughter, and simply from around the neighborhood.

In my professional life, I have worked as a senior manager for non-profit organizations from various disciplines, sizes, and different parts of the city.  I know city politics well and have worked on community organizing and community-based issues in different parts of the city.  I am a good strategic thinker, planner, organizer, and problem-solver.  My experience with community-based issues and non-profit management can be helpful to CPN and the Board.

As a member of the Cedar Park Neighbors board, I would hope to bring energy, enthusiasm, and lots of hard work to help make Cedar Park a better place to live for everyone.  I love this place.  I want it to continue to be one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia.


DIRECTORS (1 year term, vote for 1)

Karen Allen, 4700 block, Warrington Ave.

I believe that in order for a community to be viable, its residents must play an active role in the life of that community. I have been active in Cedar Park Neighbors and in the larger University City since moving to the neighborhood in 1982. In addition to my duties as CPN Treasurer, I have worked on the CPN Budget, Zoning, and Bylaws Committees. CPN is currently spearheading many worthwhile projects.  I’m happy to have had the opportunity to serve on the CPN Board, and I look ­forward to continuing these efforts during the coming year.

Block Meeting of 4900 block of Catherine Street

(courtesy: The 4900 block of Catherine Street is having a block meeting on April 10th.   If you live near Cedar Park, you're welcome to attend.  Information is below.

Let’s Talk!!

Spring has sprung and we haven’t had a block conversation in a while.

Much is going on in our neighborhood, more specifically on our block.  Come to our block meeting!


Issues of Concern to neighbors

6th Annual Philly Spring Clean Up Day – April 13, 2013

Little Baby’s Ice Cream: 4903 Catharine Street

Parklet Proposal: University City District

Come and join us at:

Hickman Temple AME Church 5001 Baltimore Ave, enter on 50th and Catharine Street 7pm Wednesday April 10, 2013

Questions contact: Monica Allison @ 267-408-4835

Zoning Notice: 5037 Baltimore & 5039 Baltimore Ave (April 11, 2013)

5037 Baltimore Avenue

5037 Baltimore Avenue and

5039 Baltimore Avenue

Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) would like to inform local residents of 2 distinct applications submitted to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) regarding 5037 Baltimore Avenue and 5039 Baltimore Avenue.

The CPN Zoning Committee will be holding a PUBLIC MEETING for both applications at:

People’s Baptist Church, 5039 Baltimore

Thursday, April 11, 7:00 pm.

The applicants will be present to answer questions and hear community comment.


1. 5037 Baltimore Ave: Calendar # 20051

Applicant: Craig King, Ventures Abby Real Estate

ZBA hearing:  April 23rd at 9:30am at 1515 Arch Street



“Special Exception for a sit down restaurant with 75 seats to include music/entertainment (Night Club/Private Club) on the 1st Floor in the same building with existing four (4) family dwelling above in an existing structure.”

5037 Baltimore is currently zoned CMX - 2 Neighborhood Commercial Mixed Use 2.  The new leasee proposes to renovate the building, maintaining the current interior layout which has a commercial space on the first floor with four apartments on the two floors above. The building exterior will be painted and the commercial space completely renovated to accommodate a sit-down restaurant and jazz club. The applicant anticipates weekend live jazz entertainment. The applicant does not anticipate obtaining a liquor license.

2. 5039 Baltimore Ave. Calendar #20010

Applicant: People's Baptist Church

ZBA Hearing:  April 16th at 9:30 am at 1515 Arch Street

Sign Permit Application

“Permit for the legalization of two (2) existing signs and for the erection of one (1) Flatwall sign (total 3 signs on lot) (Stucco Sign (Cross sign) is above the second floor) accessory to an existing house of worship (church), size and location as shown in the application.”

This permit seeks legalization of the existing name and cross enclosed in the stucco facing and for the erection of a new sign measuring 24” by 80” with a light emitting diode (LED) display. The sign’s display will change and the message will move slowly across the screen on a continual basis.

We hope this information is helpful. The policy of the CPN Zoning Committee is to reflect the concerns or support of the community to the ZBA. If you would like to comment on this application or have questions, please contact the CPN Zoning Committee by Thursday April 11th at 267-BALT-AVE (267-225-8283);



Stacey Main

CPN Zoning Committee

CPN and BABA distribute money from fundraiser to those affected by Balt Ave fire

Image courtesy West Philly Local ( At the end of January, Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) and Baltimore Avenue Business Association (BABA) co-hosted a community fundraiser for those who were affected by the Baltimore Avenue fire on December 24.  We're happy to report that last week, we mailed checks for $2500 to Algernong Allen (Elena's) and Nicole and Jason (Cedar Park Cafe).

The full text of the letter is below.   (We spoke to Thang Chau of Gary's Nails twice and sent him a certified letter.  He decided not to accept any money.)

Nicole and Jason report that they will start rebuilding soon and hope to re-open the Cafe before Labor Day.  Algernong's plans are still up in the air as he tackles a few insurance issues.  But if you know Algernong, you can't imagine that he'll stay idle for long!

Thank you, dear Cedar Park residents and businesses.  You're the best.

Dear Algernong, Nicole, and Jason:

Your fellow residents and those who do business in Cedar Park were devastated when your businesses were damaged or destroyed by the December 24th fire and its aftermath.  Many of us have been going to Elena’s—and before that, Leroy’s—for years.  And Cedar Park Café, although more recently opened, had already become a popular and welcome addition to Baltimore Avenue.

In the weeks after the fire, dozens of neighbors came to us and asked what they could do to help the businesses and the employees who were affected by the fire.  They were especially concerned about two things: (1) when will the businesses come back? and (2) how can we help our newly unemployed neighbors who lost their jobs?

Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) and Baltimore Avenue Business Association (BABA), as you know, held a fundraising event on January 25 at The Cedar Works, and the outpouring of support was tremendous.  Scores of neighbors and virtually every business on Baltimore Avenue dug deep and gave generously.  In the end, we raised nearly $5000 for the owners and the employees of the businesses affected by the fire.  These can sometimes be difficult times, but when times are tough, neighbors will be there for each other.

We are happy to enclose a check for $2500.  We hope you can use this money to help your employees and to re-open your business as quickly as possible.  We miss you.  And hope this small contribution helps.

Your neighbors,

Michael Froehlich, President Cedar Park Neighbors

Vincent Whittacre, President Baltimore Avenue Business Association

PS.  We also reached out to the owners of Gary’s Nails, which was also damaged in the fire.  They declined to participate.

Cedar Park Neighbors co-sponsors townhall on AVI


Last night, Cedar Park Neighbors co-sponsored a townhall on AVI along with Spruce Hill Community Association, Garden Court Community Association, Walnut Hill Community Association, and Woodland Terrace Homeowners Association.

To download the slides presented by Dr. Kevin Gillen, click here (pdf).

To download the slides presented by the Office of Property Asssessment (OPA), click here (pdf).

Note: more information on the assessment process is available at OPA's website at

Scholarship Fundraiser coming up on April 7 at Dock Street

The 6th Annual Cedar Park Neighbors Scholarship Fundraiser supporting local youths' pursuit of higher education will occur on Sunday, April 7, 2013 from 4-6pm at Dock Street Brewery (50th & Baltimore.)

Join us for free beer and pizza, a silent auction, and live music by the local band Big Tusk.

Tickets are $40 and are available at the door or online using the button below.

Questions?  Email us at

cpnscholarship1 cpnscholarship2

Little Babies Ice Cream Coming to Cedar Park?

littlebabies3 On Valentines Day, in a “An Open Love Letter and Letter of Intent to the Citizens of the Cedar Park Neighborhood & Surrounding West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania," Little Babies Ice Cream announced that they were coming to Cedar Park.

Specifically, they want to open an ice cream parlor at 4903 Catherine Street, right across the street from Cedar Park.

Little Babies, as many may know, is a hand-made ice cream shop based in East Kensington.  (You can read more about them at their website here.)

On February 21, Cedar Park Neighbors held a community meeting to hear neighbors' thoughts on Little Babies.  As a result of the meeting, we sent a letter of support to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  You can read the letter below.

We look forward to welcoming Little Babies to our neighborhood.


Click here for a pdf of the letter.


Historic Cedar Park photographs

cedarpark1 Corner of Baltimore Avenue & 50th Street, looking Northeast (11/6/1939)

Six more photos below the fold.



Corner of Baltimore Avenue and 49th Street, looking West (4/20/1955)


Corner of 49th and Baltimore Ave, looking West (11/25/1970)


Corner of Catherine and Baltimore Ave, looking Southeast (4/20/1955)


Corner of Catherine and Baltimore Ave, looking Southeast (4/20/1955)


Corner of 49th & Baltimore, looking West (11/13/1958)


Corner of 49th and Baltimore, looking East (11/25/1970)



Update on 4812 Baltimore Ave.

4812baltimore Cedar Park Neighbors, among its many activities and responsibilities, convenes neighborhood meetings to gauge how the community views proposed zoning variances.  Many of the zoning variances are uncontroversial, straight-forward requests.  Others raise more concern or garner more interest.  A recent proposal to build a 42-foot tall building at 4812 Baltimore with 5 apartments and a commercial storefront was one of the later.

Cedar Park Neighbors convened a well-attended meeting at Calvary Community Center.  In response to the opinions voiced at that meeting, we wrote the attached letter.  The Zoning Board of Appeals has taken the request of the builders under advisement and, as of this writing, has not yet issued a decision on the request for a zoning variance.

Do you have questions about zoning?  You can learn more by visiting the zoning section of our website.  And, as always, please feel free to email us at or call us at 267-BALT-AVE.

January 29, 2013

Lynette Brown-Sow, Chair Zoning Board of Adjustment 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., 11th Floor Philadelphia, Pa. 19102

Re: 4812 Baltimore Ave Calendar #: 19432

Dear Ms. Brown-Sow: CPN has no position and defers to the judgment of the ZBA regarding the maximum height variance that Diversified Realty Ventures is seeking for their application for the erection of an attached structure 42 ft including 11ft high pilot house with roof deck and cellar for vacant commercial space from cellar thru 1st flr and five(5) family dwelling and for the erection of 6ft high fence on the rear within property lines. Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) has no objection to the open area, minimum number of parking spaces, and minimum lot area variances that Diversified Realty Ventures is also seeking in their application.

It is the policy of CPN to notify and seek responses from those neighbors most impacted by local zoning issues. CPN held a community meeting to allow the neighbors to talk directly with the developers. While CPN appreciates the meaningful compromises that the developers made to the residents regarding the design of the building, roof deck size and the size of the commercial space, there was no clear consensus among the neighbors. We have received a letter that is signed by neighbors who are opposing the height variance and we have received support from neighbors who feel comfortable with the compromises.

CPN appreciates the opportunity to ask questions of the developers and express their concerns about the proposed building. While all parties involved would like to see the vacant lot developed, there is not a clear vision that all residents can agree on. As a result of this, Cedar Park Neighbors has no position on the maximum height variance.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Cedar Park Neighbors Zoning Committee Shawn Markovich, Karen Allen, Greg Waldman, Suzanne Anderson, Stacey Holiday, Mahari Bailey Jeff Knowles & Lisa Johanningsmeier

Cc: Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell Brian Mays, developer

CPN seeks new board members

Are you interested in serving your community as a member of the board of Cedar Park Neighbors?  Let's talk!  

We're looking for a few new members of the Board for terms that start on June 1, 2013.  More information about serving on the board is below.  If you're interested, please contact Ana Lisa Yoder at

 Responsibilities of Cedar Park Neighbors Board Members

Cedar Park Neighbors is the recognized community organization for the Cedar Park neighborhood.  As such, its responsibility extends beyond its general membership which elects the Officers and Directors-at-large to include all residents within its boundaries (CPN By-Laws).  As a non-profit under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania law and a federally tax exempt entity, the CPN Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must adhere to federally and state stipulated procedures and practices.  In addition, the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must follow the rules and regulations that are commonly considered acceptable as long as these do not violate the state and federal laws which govern our status.  Moreover, the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs must observe the CPN By-Laws and Board Resolutions.

As representatives of the community and the organization, CPN Board Members, individually and collectively, must behave in a responsible, accountable manner in order to ensure the organization’s purpose of promoting “the general welfare of the community.”

 Organizational Responsibilities

1.  Preparation

  • read all documentation in the CPN Board Packet
  • become familiar with the CPN By-Laws and other pertinent documents (if necessary,   contact Officers, Committee Chairs, etc. for clarification)
  • read minutes and other relevant reports prior to Board Meetings
  • prepare and deliver succinct reports (one copy goes to the CPN Secretary for CPN files)
  • attend workshops on CPN documents, etc. (when provided)

2.  Participation

  • commit to monthly two-hour CPN Board Meetings
  • attend CPN Board Meetings
  • be prompt to CPN Board Meetings
  • chair or be a member of a Committee
  • participate in CPN activities
  • encourage neighbors and friends to join CPN and participate in CPN activities
  • pay dues to maintain current membership throughout board term of office

3.  Decorum

  • make relevant and concise comments at CPN Board Meetings
  • be considerate and courteous to other CPN Board Members
  • avoid statements and acts against CPN
  • avoid spreading and participating in rumors

Legal & Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • represent CPN General Membership
  • observe and follow CPN By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and Board Resolutions (even if/when you disagree)
  • be legally responsible to act on behalf of CPN and personally liable for illegal acts done in the name of CPN
  • be accountable to CPN Membership and Neighborhood regarding financial transactions and statements (including overseeing how, when, and where money is spent)
  • ensure maintenance of accurate, verifiable records and accounting procedures of organization and committees (receipts, invoices, vouchers, etc.)


Community meeting on Jan 17 re new building at 4812 Baltimore Ave

Dear Neighbors, Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) would like to inform local residents of an application submitted to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) regarding 4812 Baltimore Ave. The owners, Diversified Realty Ventures, has applied for a building permit “For the erection of an attached structure 42 ft high (4 story) with 11 ft high pilot houses and roof decks and cellar. For commercial space from cellar thru 1st floor and a 5 family dwelling.”

It may be helpful for residents to know the proposed building will have a small commercial store front on the 1st floor along with 5 apartments. The 5 apartments will have a total of 9 bedrooms.

A Community Meeting is scheduled for Thursday January 17, 2013 at 7pm. The meeting will be held at The Calvary Center at 7pm, 48th and Baltimore Avenue, basement - enter on 48th street side door. The owners will present drawings of the proposed building and answer any questions the community may have.

We hope this information is helpful. If you would like to comment on this application or have questions, please contact the Zoning Committee by Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 267-225-8283 or by email at


Shawn Markovich CPN Zoning Committee

CPN co-sponsors FREE classes on basic home repair

shop-class The West Philly Tool LibraryCedar Park Neighbors, and The Other Carpenter are co-sponsoring four classes on basic home repair.  These classes are FREE and open to the public.

The classes will be held from 6:00 to 7:30 pm in the basement of the Calvary Center for Culture and Community, 48th & Baltimore.

Thurs, Jan 24        Power Tools – Learn how to use power tools safely in a hands-on demonstration.

Thurs, Jan 31        Basic Carpentry – Learn about what's in your walls while using hand and power tools to build a half-scale wall section including studs, drywall and trim. You'll gain an understanding of wall anatomy and construction.

Thurs, Feb 7          Basic Plumbing – Learn how the plumbing in your house works & how to replace a bathroom faucet

Thurs, Feb 14        Basic electricity – Learn how the electrical in your house works & how to rewire a lamp while keeping yourself safe

The classes will:

  • Familiarize you with the tools you might need for a job.
  • Teach you how the systems in your house work
  • Show you how to tell whether a home repair project is do-able… or when it might be time to call in an expert.

To RSVP, please email Stacey at or call the Tool Library at 215-833-3190.

The West Philly Tool Library is a nonprofit community tool lending library that loans tools to community members. They are located at 1314 S. 47th Street.  For more information, visit

Cedar Park Neighbors is an association of diverse households and businesses based in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia.   For more information, visit

The Other Carpenter, a program of Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, has been working with home owners in the Parkside, Mantua, Belmont neighborhoods of West Philadelphia for the last 11 years to provide affordable home repairs.  For more information, call 267-284-0310.