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DITF Goals for 2015-2018
Background of Activities for the last 5 years
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For over fifty years, CPN has represented residents’ interest to political leaders and municipal agencies on matters of zoning, crime and safety, community development, education, city code enforcement, liquor control issues, sanitation issues and other matters of concern to area residents. Through the 2010 Baltimore Avenue Conversation and 2012 Future of the Neighborhood survey, the Development Impact Task Force's guiding principles are the following:

  1. commercial development should add value and enhance the quality of life,
  2. development should serve those of different backgrounds,
  3. we value locally owned businesses and organizations,
  4. enhance walkability, bikability and use of public transit,
  5. promote safety,
  6. enhance green spaces,
  7. welcome developers with a successful track record and
  8. public education is important to the stability of our neighborhood.

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Four pillars of DITF 3-5 year goals:
Short term goals = could be achievable in 1-3 years
Long term goals = could be achievable in 3-5 years or longer

DITF Goals for 2015-2018

1. Grow the Task Force

  • Codify rules for joining DITF
  • Develop orientation materials
  • Post meeting times & sample agendas to CPN calendar/website, generally increase accessibility of info on what the group is and how to get involved
  • Add more active members to group, prioritizing demographics currently not well represented such as longtime residents, renters, people of color, LGBTQ people, etc.

2. Assist board in developing policy for use of Vanguard Fund towards neighborhood development/improvements

3. Review concerns and craft policy regarding development by right that is incongruous with the neighborhood (aka the neighborhood overlay discussion). 

4. Maintain, foster and advocate for affordability in the neighborhood

  • Educate ourselves on affordability issues, broadly and specific to Philly
    • Invite people with expertise to speak at meetings, ex. Andrew Eisenstein, rep from Friends Rehab, Regional Housing Legal Services, David from LISC
    • Learn basic terms as used in state and federal policies on affordabilit
    • Read Development Without Displacement Report
  • Define affordability in the context of our work.
  • Develop CPN/ DITF policies/policy positions on maintaining affordability/ evaluating development with concern to affordability (rubric?)
  • Provide information to residents about assistance programs i.e. helping elder homeowners stay in their homes, delaying payment on PGW bills, etc.
  • Build coalition and relationships with other groups working on issues of affordability
  • Work with Baltimore Ave Business Association to foster affordability with local businesse
  • Assist in crafting board position on taxation and laws that protect existing homeowner

. Extend and build Baltimore Ave. Identity and Amenities West of 50th St

  • PWD green infrastructure for storm water (long term)
  • Extension of light pole signage (short term)
  • Repair of sidewalks in public way (short term)
  • Bus and trolley shelters at important intersections - what is the status of UCD proposed trolley benches? (long term)
  • Storefront next to the Firehouse & Satellite entrance (CPN display) - demonstration project for UCD to focus on 49th Street
  • Maintain Cedar Park as our community greenspace and critical component of an attractive business corridor

. Provide context to CPN's development involvement /Maintain ongoing history of CPN's role in development

Background from our activities over the last five years:

Goals from 2010 Baltimore Avenue Conversation (BAC):

  1. Façade improvement for businesses and properties along commercial corridor
  2. Streets improvement to provide pedestrian safety and cohesive identity to corridor
  3. Affordable senior housing
  4. Community art center
  5. Affordable new construction
  6. Market rate new construction
  7. Affordable major rehabilitation
  8. Fresh food grocery store (in addition to Mariposa)
    1. Affordable housing Community/education/recreation center 
    2. Hardware store
    3. Affordable senior housing
    4. Community garden
    5. Job training center
    6. Farmer's market
    7. Garden center (Greensgrow West)
    8. Breakfast/brunch restaurant (Cedar Park Café) 
  9. Encourage amenities desired by the community

Development Impact Task Force Documents:

DITF Goals for 2015-2018
CPN Development History