Board Members attending:  Monica Allison, Jessica Naugle McAtamny, Karen Allen, Algernong Allen,  Dorothy Welch Berlind, Sean Dorn, Margaret Ferrigno, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Theresa McCole Manzi, Sara Nissley, Beverly Rouse.  

Board Members with excused absence:   Laurie Friedman, Sheri McFarland, Ray Murphy.


Board Members absent:  Naomi Fiordimondo, Courtney Walton.


Guests:  Seth Budick, UCD




Monica opened the meeting at 7:45.  Lacking a quorum, she went directly to new business not requiring a vote and asked Michael to report on CPN’s policy regarding the new fee structure for use of Philadelphia parks.  Michael handed out the printed version of Parks and Recreation’s new policy.  He talked to Parks and Rec last week and was told that “Friends” groups are not required to pay to use the parks as long as the event is for under 1000 people, and CPN is a “Friends” group.  We are not required to sponsor others who want to use CedarPark—those others should go directly to Parks and Rec.  CPN will need notify Parks and Rec 90 days in advance of our events and show insurance docs.  A refundable deposit may be required.


Having achieved a quorum, the Board approved the minutes of February’s meeting.

Karen presented and handed out the Year end Treasurer’s Report for 2011.  The Board unanimously approved.  Michael proposed doing a financial report for the membership.  After some discussion, he agreed to do a draft of such a report.




Election Meeting:  Andrew Meloney from the Planning Commission has agreed to be our speaker.  Ray will report on the Development Goals Working Group and present the survey to the membership.  Community announcements will be invited.


IRS status:  Michael and Karen reported that the materials have been sent to IRS.


Development Goals for CPN:  David reported the he has talked to Andrew Meloney of the Planning Commission about Philadelphia 2035 and the working group has incorporated his input into the survey that they have been working on.  Hopefuly it will be ready for the Board to view by week’s end, and for presentation at the Election Meeting.


PedestrianPlaza at 48th and Florence:  Seth reported that UCD  is working with the Streets Department to finalize details.  They hope to conclude this process by the end of the week; then final plans for the Plaza can be completed.


Homestead Exemption:  David reported that there are two bills before the State Legislature that pertain to the exemption.  After some discussion, the Board agreed  that this is not a realistic project for CPN to take on at this time.


Applelofts:  Monica reported that the Councilwoman is still in the process of deciding what position to take on Applelofts.  She favors the idea of a senior day center in the “commercial” space on the first floor of the building and is exploring funding.




Nominating:  Monica reported that Naomi has resigned from the Board and from Nominating.  Monica is taking on this responsibility with the other committee members and they are making progress in finding candidates.  Monica informed the Board that she is term limited out of continuing as President of the Board and the Board discussed her replacement.


Property Housing Task Force:  Dorothy reported that the Task Force is scheduled to meet on March 21.


Scholarships:  Monica reported for Laurie that everything is on track for the Fundraiser at Dock Street, and that Board members should come!


Block Organizing:  Meg reported that she has had little luck in contacting Block Captains by phone, and that she will keep working.


Zoning:  Karen reported that CPN supported the Vientianne expansion and that their zoning application was approved.  Lisa reported that Philly Flavors is meeting with Cedar Park Point neighbors privately, and that CPN can do nothing further until they submit an application to the Zoning Board.  She reported further that the neighbors of 800 South St Bernard are opposed to the proposed expansion of the building.  CPN will support the neighbors; hearing is March 21.


Communications and Membership:  Michael reported that there are no plans yet for a Meet and Greet; Monica reported that the newsletter is out and on line.


Park Improvement:  Monica reported that the Committee met on March 16 and discussed permits for using the park.  Spring Into Your Park is May 12; the citywide cleanup is on April 14.


Block Improvement:  Monica had no report.


Education:  Sara reported that the Education Committee plans to work with the West Philadelphia Coalition For Neighborhood School..


Jazz:  Monica reported that she and Algernong are getting the schedule together.




UCD Policing:  Lisa attended and gave a brief report.


First Thursday:  Michael reported that the topic was Penn and the public Schools.  Sterling Baltimore of the NetterCenter talked about the after school program at Lea.  The topic of the next meeting will be environmental sustainability.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Welch Berlind, Secretary