Board members attending:  Algernong Allen, Karen Allen, Dorothy Welch Berlind, Sean Dorn, Laurie Friedman, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Sara Nissley, Ray Murphy, Beverly Rouse.  

Board members with excused absence:  Monica Allison, Margaret Ferrigno, Theresa McCole Manzi.


Board members absent:  Jessica Naugle McAtamny, Sheri McFarland, Courtney Walton.


Guests:  Marcus Presley, Board member elect; Michael McGuire, Philly CarShare, Karen Paci, Philly CarShare.


Vice President Michael Froehlich opened the meeting at 7:35 PM—President Monica Allison is out of the city.  He introduced Karen Paci and Michael McGuire from Philly Car Share.

Because the Philadelphia Parking Authority has misplaced the paperwork for the parking spaces that they have been using in our neighborhood, they are obliged to reapply.  We sent letters of support for these spaces in 2006 and 2008 when Carol Walker was Board President.  There have been changes since then—Enterprise has purchased Philly Car Share, they have instituted several new programs for non-profits including Patient Ride.  Board members had questions which were discussed; we then thanked Michael and Karen, and discussed the matter among the Board members.  The Board then voted to write the Councilwoman restating our support for the parking spaces that we previously supported, making plain that our support is based on current conditions in the neighborhood and may change if conditions change, and that we require and expect consultation regarding any future locations.  The Board further agreed that in the future we shall consider requests for support for parking spots from any of the car sharing entities in Philadelphia.


The Board approved the minutes of the March Board meeting, and the report on the election meeting in April, with corrections to the latter.


Karen did not present a Treasurer’s Report; she will email a report to Board members when it is complete.  She has been having some difficulty with the Pay Pal documents, and Sean agreed to forward the relevant spread sheets to her.


Michael Froehlich introduced Marcus Presley, newly elected Board member, and Board members welcomed him.  Both Ray Murphy and Sara Nissley have been appointed to one year terms to fill vacancies.


Michael, Bev, Laurie and David volunteered for the committee to plan the Board Retreat.


Dorothy brought the Zoning Committee’s recommendation that CPN register as the Registered Community Organization for the Zoning Board of Adjustment; the Board approved this recommendation.





Michael will draft a proposal for a financial report to our membership and present it at the next Board meeting.


Karen reported that the IRS requires the full fee for refilling our 501 c 3 status; she will handle this.


Ray reported that the survey regarding development goals for CedarPark is complete; he is developing an email version.  The next steps include interviews over the summer.




Property Housing Task Force:  Dorothy reported that the task force is reviewing its goals and mission.  At its last meeting, Milan Marvelous did a brief presentation regarding plans for a garden center at 51st and Baltimore.  Milan is still interested, but the Councilwoman has insisted that the issue of a parking lot for Francis Funeral Home must be resolved before other proposals will be considered.


Scholarships:  Laurie reported that the fundraiser went very well; we don’t have final financials but her sense is that it was a profitable day.  Dock Street is sponsoring a 5K run; they will donate to the scholarship fund among other efforts from the proceeds.  Care packages to the students went out.  Applications for the coming year are welcome.  Melissa St. Pierre is stepping down as co-chair; she has done a great job, and Michael will express the Board’s gratitude.


Block Organizing:  Meg had no report for this meeting.


Zoning:  Lisa reported that the hearing for 800 South St Bernard took place, and the ZBA approved three apartments, but no extension.  One of the neighbors is considering an appeal.  The Committee would like the Board’s guidance on when CPN would support an appeal.  It was noted that an appeal is based on points of law, whereas CPN is asked for community input at the initial hearing.  The Board agreed that the Zoning Committee might support an appeal only with Board approval,  that there should be a compelling community interest, and that the case for the appeal should be strong.  Lisa further reported that the Committee is encouraging Philly Flavors to submit a formal application to ZBA, but that they have not yet done so.  She alerted the Board that developers are expressing great interest in real estate in CedarPark and that the resulting zoning issues will come before us in future.


Communications and Membership:  Laurie reported that CPN has 160 members who are current with their dues.  The Committee is doing a revision of the membership forms.  The Committee has signed up for the Dollar Strolls on July 19, August 16, and September 20.  They will sell memberships valid till the end of the year for a dollar.  Volunteers are needed; Lisa and Dorothy volunteered.  The Committee is calling lapsed members.

Michael and Vince Whittacre of the Baltimore Avenue Business Association are working on a Meet and Greet at Queen of Sheba’s.


Park Improvement:  Monica emailed a report that Love Your Park was celebrated May 12—about ten volunteers weeded and planted.


Block Improvement:  Monica emailed that there is nothing new to report.


Education Committee:  Sara reported that two of the newly elected Board members want to join the Committee; she will follow up.


Jazz:  Monica emailed a brief report and Algernong handed schedules.  Jazz will begin Memorial Day Weekend with Dr. Ketsup.  Concerts are scheduled into July; the Committee is looking for more donors to add concerts.   Monica reported that Denise King is planning a Cedar Park Reunion concert in September—she is looking for donors and this will not come out of our budget.




First Thursday:  Michael was unable to attend.


UCD police community meeting:  Lisa was unable to attend.


UCD Board Meeting:  Dorothy gave a brief report on the quarterly Board meeting held March 26.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Welch Berlind, Secretary