Board members attending:  Algernong Allen, Karen Allen, Monica Allison, Mahari Bailey, Dorothy Welch Berlind, Sean Dorn, Laurie Friedman, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Shawn Markovich, Sara Nissley, Ray Murphy, Marcus Presley, Mavil Spence, Saba Tedla, Ana Lisa Yoder.  

Board members with excused absence:  Margaret Ferrigno, Theresa McCole Manzi, Beverly Rouse.


Board members absent:  Courtney Walton.


Guests:  Seth Budick, UCD; Martin Lawson, Penn Police.


President Michael Froehlich opened the meeting at 7:35 PM.  Michael introduced the newly elected Board members and the Board welcomed them to their first official meeting.  The Board approved the minutes of the May meeting.  Karen Allen did a verbal Treasurer’s report as of April 30; she will have an up to date Treasurer’s report at our next meeting.




Michael previewed the Board Retreat on behalf of the Committee.  We shall have coffee at 8:45 AM with a hard start at 9:00 at RenewalChurch on the second floor.  A blend of substantive and getting to know you activities is planned.  Past strategic plans will be reviewed, and the issues of membership and zoning will be the focus for future planning.  We will lunch at 12:30; a contribution of $8.00 is requested.


Patrick Kerkstra, a journalist and neighbor, presented a property tax primer for Board members.  City Council has voted that AVI will not happen for this tax year; property tax will increase 20% to benefit Philadelphia schools.  AVI is promised for the future however; Patrick laid out facts and figures and took questions from Board members.


Martin Lawson representing Penn Police reported that although the crime rate in the neighborhoods has been decreasing, there has been a recent uptick in car breakins.  Board members had some questions for Officer Lawson.


Shawn Markovich brought several Zoning Committee concerns to the Board’s attention.  Shawn briefly described the work of the Committee recently, and asked the Board to consider whether or not the Committee should express its own view on matters where the neighbors are silent or divided.  She queried further regarding CPN’s position on density in the neighborhood, and whether the Committee should give weight to letters of support or opposition from people who do not live within our boundaries.  A lively discussion followed, and it was agreed that some of these issues will be discussed at the Board Retreat, and that by the September Board meeting the Zoning Committee is encouraged to present a proposal to the Board regarding these questions.




Michael reported that he has not yet come up with a plan for a financial report for the membership; he will continue to work on this idea.


Michael and Karen reported that the additional check requested by the IRS to process our application for reinstatement to 501 3 c status has been sent, and that the return receipt has been received.


Ray reviewed the history of the Future of Cedar Park survey for the new Board members.  The printed version is being enclosed in the newsletter, and the electronic version is being sent as well.


Seth reported on the progress of the PedestrianPlaza at 48th, Florence, and Baltimore.  He gave a brief history for new Board members, and let us know that UCD is working through a lot of detail with Streets and SEPTA.  The SEPTA work on Baltimore will delay the start of the project.




Property Housing Task Force:  Dorothy reported that the Task Force will meet on June 25, and a review of the Task Force mission is on the agenda.


Scholarships:  Laurie reported that the Committee will meet on June 25 to choose scholarship recipients.


Block Organizing:  no report.


Zoning:  Lisa reported that the Committee is working to encourage Philly Flavors to make formal application to the ZBA.


Communications and Membership:  Laurie announced that she is stepping away from Communications in order to focus on Scholarships.  She is willing to continue to update the data base, but needs to hand off her newsletter work.  The Board thanked Laurie for all her excellent work with this!  Michael reported that our membership Meet and Greet at the Queen of Sheba, co-sponsored with BABA, was a real success, and that Manny, the owner, made us very welcome.


Park Improvement:  Monica reported that SEPTA now has construction trailers near the park, and that this construction will continue for the better part of the summer, so projects in the park will be minimal.


Block Improvement:  Monica had no report.


Education:  Sara reported that the Committee needs a co-chair; Monica volunteered.  Sara also asked for additional committee members.

Jazz:  Algernong reported that the series has been going very well with consistent attendance of 100 to 150 people.  Bucket receipts thus far exceed $500, and the Committee continues to look for corporate support.  He has requested public safety officers from both UCD and the Philadelphia police.  Monica reported that Dan Flumenholf of Crossroads Music has put us in touch with Partners in Art and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund for possible grants.




Lisa was unable to attend the community police meeting.


Michael attended the 48th Street Town Watch meeting ; they propose a second Porch Hop on July 14.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Welch Berlind, Secretary