Board members attending:  Karen Allen, Dorothy Welch Berlind, Sean Dorn, Laurie Friedman, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Shawn Markovich, Marcus Presley, Beverly Rouse, Mavil Spence, Ana Lisa Yoder.  

Board members with excused absence:  Monica Allison, Algernong Allen,  Ray Murphy.


Board members absent:  Mahari Bailey, Meg Ferrigno, Theresa McCole Manzi, Sara Nissley, Saba Tedla, Courtney Walton.


Guests:  Seth Budick, UCD

Alex Fuller Young, Energy Coop

Tanya Maris, Energy Coordinating Agency

Nicole Michel, Penn Police

Michelle Lewis, Block captain, 5000 Willows

Marty Cabry, Councilwoman’s office

Rhonda Johnson, Ernest Strange, Charles Graham, Joseph Lemongelli, Michael

Lyles, all from SEPTA




Michael Froehlich opened the meeting at 7:35PM and introduced  five representatives from SEPTA  who spoke about the track renewal project on Baltimore Avenue and took questions from Board members.


Michael then introduced Officer Michel from the Penn Police who answered questions about crime and safety from Board members.


Alex Fuller Young from the Energy Coop presented information about the new possibilities for energy provision, including the Coop, and took questions from Board members.


Karen Allen presented the Treasurer’s Report and the Board approved it.


Michael introduced Michelle Lewis, the new block captain for 5000 Willows Avenue, who came to ask about getting a trash receptacle for her block.  Both Seth Budick from UCD and Marty Cabry from the Councilwoman’s office offered information.


Laurie informed the Board that the Membership Committee will have a table at the Baltimore Avenue Stroll to offer memberships till year’s end for a dollar.  UCD has agreed to a greatly reduced fee for us as we are “an extreme non-profit”.


Michael raised the matter of a contribution from CPN to the new CulinaryEnterpriseCenter on 48th Street—the Board tabled this matter last spring.  It appears that the other community organizations have all made a contribution, and we are being asked again to give.  The Board voted to contribute $500.00, which seems to match other community associations at least roughly, which we will take from the Bond Fund.


Michael reported that the Board Retreat went well.  Beverly pointed out that the icebreaking activity served to not only introduce one to another but pointed out how open we are.  Laurie appreciated the suggestions for the Membership Committee.


Lisa announced that the Tire Roundup is scheduled for August 25 and gave a brief history of the event.  Lisa will confirm date and Sean will do an email blast.




Update on IRS status:  Karen reported received the materials that we sent, though the check has not yet been cashed.


CPN survey on the future of CedarPark:  Michael reported for Ray Murphy that 225 on line surveys have been completed.




Property Housing Task Force:  David reported that the Task Force met and focused on reevaluating the purpose of the group.  The Task Force was originally part of the Crossroads Project planned in 2003, and the purpose at that time centered on blight and abandonment in the neighborhood.  These problems have not disappeared, but have lessened and Ryan Spak of UCD has begun to work on them.  The Baltimore Avenue Conversation and the survey currently being tabulated both look to the future of our neighborhood, and the Task Force would like its statement of purpose to accurately reflect its current activity and shape its work as we move forward.  The members of the survey working group have been invited to join the Task Force.  This conversation will continue over the summer.  Meantime, the Task Force recommends that David Hincher represent CPN at the  meetings with City Planning about Philadelphia 2035; the Board voted to approve David for this task.


Scholarships:  Laurie reported that the scholarships were awarded at the last Jazz Concert in CedarPark.


Block Organizing:  Bev reported that the Committee is working, and that they will reach out to Michelle Lewis of the 5000 block of Willows.


Zoning:  Lisa and Karen gave a brief report.


Communications and Membership:  Laurie reported that Marcus has graciously agreed to chair the membership committee and is currently doing canvassing in the neighborhood.


Education Committee:  no report.


Jazz:  Michael reported that as the result of successful “bucket” collections, two additional concerts were scheduled on 7/20 and 7/27.  Algernong announced this at both concerts and thanked the audience for their generosity.




UCD Board Meeting:  Dorothy attended and gave a brief report on the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Welch Berlind, Secretary