Board members attending:  Karen Allen, Monica Allison, Mahari Bailey, Dorothy Welch Berlind, Sean Dorn, Michael Froehlich, David Hincher, Lisa Johanningsmeier, Shawn Markovich, Ray Murphy, Beverly Rouse, Saba Tedla, Ana Lisa Yoder.  

Board members with excused absence:  Laurie Friedman, Theresa McCole Manzi, Sara Nissley, Mavil Spence.


Board members absent:  Algernong Allen, Margaret Ferrigno, Marcus Presley, Courtney Walton.


Michael opened the meeting at 7:40 PM.  Lacking a quorum  and so unable to approve minutes or Treasurer’s report, we moved directly to new business.   Monica reported that the Membership Committee has had input that more community meetings would be welcomed by the neighborhood.  The Board agreed to tentatively schedule a community meeting on November 8, at 7PM.  Monica will confirm the space at Calvary with Ed Fell, and she will reach out to the Block Captains.  It was suggested that survey results might be presented at this meeting.


Having achieved a quorum, the Board approved the minutes from the July and the June Board meetings.  Karen presented the Treasurers Report, and the Board discussed and approved.


Dorothy asked that the Board approve the calendar for the coming year, noting that Executive Committee meetings do not appear on the calendar and will be left to the discretion of the President.  She further noted that the just scheduled Community Meeting will be added.  The Board voted to approve the calendar.


Michael reported that he received a request from Jeff Hornstein of the Queen Village Community Assn  for CPN’s support for a letter to the Planning Commission protesting overinclusvity of registered community associations.  The Board agreed to refer this to the Zoning Committee.


Michael reported that he received the Report to Investors from Mariposa, and that he will send it on the Board members.  Mariposa is thriving in its new space, exceeding expectations in increased membership and sales.


Michael reported that there are several requests for funds from other community organizations that come to CPN—he proposes a small group to find out how our neighboring community associations handle these requests.  Saba, Ana Lisa, and Karen  volunteered to help Michael with this—the Board voted that they should go ahead with this.


Monica reported that UC Green is requesting funds from all the community associations in University City—the Board agreed to table this until next month when we hear from Michael’s group.

Monica suggested that because we have scheduled a community meeting in November that a Meet and Greet is not necessary this fall.  Board members agreed.


Monica reported that the Membership Committee is proposing a transition team for the newsletter.  Maureen plans to finish up with editing the newsletter next year, and a replacement needs to be found.  Maureen leaves very big shoes to fill!  Board members are asked to begin to think about this.




Lisa reported that due to lack of interest and volunteers CPN did not participate in the Tire Roundup in August.


Karen reported that the IRS has received our application to reinstate 501c3 status; Michael will follow up.


Ray reported on the progress of the survey re the future of CedarPark; he handed out his CPN  newsletter piece to Board members.




Property Housing Task Force:  David reported that at its last meeting the Task Force reviewed its history and its changing mission  going forward.  Initially the Task Force focused on the problems of disinvestment in the neighborhood, blight, abandonment and vacancy.  Although these problems persist on some blocks, they have diminished as the neighborhood has become more desirable.  Experience with the Baltimore Avenue Conversation led the Task Force to begin to think about having an impact on the development that will occur.  And importantly, UCD’s initative to restore abandoned and blighted properties to use brings professional resources and staff to that problem.  So, the Task Force proposes a metamorphasis into the Development Impact Task Force which will include the members of the working group that developed the survey.  This expanded group will seek to monitor, evaluate, and influence development in the community.  The group will develop a statement of purpose in its meetings this fall.  The group has agreed that David will serve as convener.  The Board agreed to support the newly envisioned Task Force in its efforts.


Scholarships:  Dorothy reported for Laurie—April 7 will be the date for the Scholarship Fundraiser at Dock Street next spring.  The committee met last week to review the last cycle and plan for the next; members of the committee volunteered as student mentors.


Block Organizing:  no report


Zoning:  the committee will meet September 19.  Karen will attend a ZBA hearing for 5104 Hazel tomorrow.


Communications and Membership:  Monica reported for Marcus that there is interest in more community meetings and Meets and Greets, and that the future of the newsletter needs thought.


Education Committee:  no report.


Jazz:  no report.




First Thursday:  no report.


Michael reported on his meeting with Glenn Bryant from Penn; Glenn is involved with a CDC for 52nd Street.  The Board agreed that Michael go ahead and invite Glenn to a Board meeting to talk about this.


Michael also reported regarding Philly Stake, a micro grant program.  He invited suggestions from Board members for projects.


Michael turned the meeting over to Vice President Monica Allison as he had a 9:15 obligation.  Monica opened the floor for questions, and then adjourned the meeting at 9:30PM


Respectfully submitted,

Dorothy Welch Berlind, Secretary