Board of Directors Election & Annual Membership Meeting

When?  Monday, April 23, 2012 6:30 –7:30 pm Voting; 7:00 pm Annual Meeting


Calvary Center for Culture & Community 48th St. & Baltimore Avenue


  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction of nominees and standing Board Members
  3. CPN Education Committee and discussion
  4. Featured Speaker:  Andrew Maloney, City Planning Commission, Philadelphia2035 Comprehensive Plan
  5. CPN survey initiative in preparation for City Planning Commission neighborhood plan
  6. Community Announcements
  7. Announcements of new Board Members (polls close at 7:30 pm)

Who's running for the Board of Director?

Below are the biographies of those who are running for the board.


Michael Froehlich, 500 block, S. 48th Street

I live in Cedar Park with my partner, Susanna, and three-year-old daughter, Zora. What do we love about our neighborhood?  The porches, the restaurants, the play grounds, the trees, and, most importantly, the people!  I have served on the board of CPN for about three years, most recently as Vice President.  During the day, I work as a legal aid lawyer with Community Legal Services. I am a founder of the West Philly Tool Library and serve on the boards of UC Green and Shakespeare in Clark Park.  I'm excited about the opportunity to continue to work together to improve Cedar Park for long-time residents and newcomers, seniors and school children, and everyone in between.

First Vice President

Monica Allison, 4900 block,  Catharine Street

This is my 16th year in Cedar Park and I am just ending my 4th term as President of CPN.  Over the past four years, I assisted in the Baltimore Avenue Conversation, worked to maintain our renovated park, helped keep Friday Night Jazz at Cedar Park, celebrated Cedar Park’s centennial anniversary and served as a community liaison with other organizations in our area.  I would like to continue working towards a cohesive vision of our neighborhood, working with other organizations to bring that to the whole of West Philadelphia.   I serve on the board of UC Green and I am the Program Director for my nonprofit: Virtual Tutoring and Mentoring, Inc., an educational learning center for cyber schooled children. My passions are our youth, their education, honoring their experiences and helping them heal, as well as educational choice for parents.  To that end I have just been elected President of Pennsylvania Families for Public Cyber Schools, which enables me to have more of a voice in Harrisburg with our legislators.  I am completing my degree and certification in Christian Counseling. As First Vice President, I will support our new President in his endeavors and I look forward to continuing to serve my neighbors in a new capacity.


 Second Vice President


David Hincher, 5000 block, Catharine Street

I have lived in Cedar Parkfor the past 4 years. My wife and I are raising a 3 year old daughter, Lucy, who attends the Children's Community School located within the Calvary Center.   We are actively involved on our block, assisting in the annual end of summer block party, block clean ups, impromptu book readings with neighborhood kids, parent support group meetings at our house, etc. We love the neighborhood and are excited to see it brimming with activity and amenities such as the new Mariposa Coop.  I am a licensed architect and leverage that knowledge and expertise to assist a multitude of neighborhood groups. I have a particular interest in issues that impact the quality of life in the community, such as the vitality of neighborhood schools, zoning, development, safety, etc. I was the lead volunteer on the Baltimore Avenue Community Corridor design study, completed in 2010.  I joined the CPN Property Housing Task Force to further the strategic vision for Baltimore Ave.  My goal is to assist CPN in achieving the Baltimore Avenue vision to extend prosperity further west along our main street. I am also involved with an ad hoc CPN group preparing for the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's upcoming community plan and zoning effort.   I am an active member of the West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools (WPCNS), working closely with Henry C. Lea Elementary School. I am part of the Greening Lea Task Force, focused on improvements to the building and schoolyard.



Dorothy Welch Berlind, 500 block, S. 48th Street

I have served as the Board’s Secretary for the past several years and will serve another if that is the wish of the membership.  I also serve as the Board’s representative to the University City District’s Board of Directors.  I am a thirty-five year resident of Cedar Park, recently retired from the University of Pennsylvania.  I am originally from New Hampshire and was educated at Barnard College and at the University of Pennsylvania.  I have a grown up son who is living and working in San Francisco.  I find CPN a wonderful and effective organization, and have been happy to be involved.



Karen Allen, 4700 block, Warrington Avenue

I believe that in order for a community to be viable, its residents must play an active role in the life of that community.  I have been active in Cedar Park Neighbors and in the larger University Citysince moving to the neighborhood in 1982. In addition to my duties as CPN Treasurer, a position I have held since 1996, I have also worked on the CPN Budget, Zoning, and Bylaws Committees.    CPN is currently spearheading many worthwhile projects, such as the Baltimore Avenue Conversation and our continuing efforts in the beautification and reuse of Cedar Park.  I’m happy to have had the opportunity to serve on the CPN Board, and I look forward to continuing these and other efforts during the coming year


Mahari Bailey, 500 block, S. 52nd Street

I am a commercial real estate attorney admitted to practice in Pennsylvaniaand the District of Columbia.  I am a native of Philadelphia, graduated from Central High Schooland matriculated at HamptonUniversityobtaining a bachelors degree in Banking and Finance in 2004.  After acquiring my J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 2007, I practiced as a commercial real estate associate at the law firm of Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP in Philadelphia gaining valuable experience in various real estate matters.  In 2008, I formed a real estate investment group, including a collection of real estate investment companies with a focus on the revitalization of Philadelphia’s urban communities.  I own several businesses in Cedar Park and most recently, have initiated a revitalization project along the South 52nd Street commercial corridor.


Lisa Johanningsmeier, 900 block, St. Bernard Street

I have lived in the Cedar Park neighborhood since 1983. During the last 10 years I have served on the CPN board and Zoning Committee.  I hope to be able to help the Cedar Park community grow and change in a positive way that is inclusive of all community members.


Shawn Markovich, 900 block, Farragut Street

My family and I have lived inCedarParkfor 9 years. We moved to this community because we love the beautiful parks, great community spirit and wonderful homes that can be found in West Philly. My husband and I have 2 children, ages 8 and 6.  Currently I am on the Cedar Park Zoning committee, and I am also active at my children's school.  Previously I was on the parent involvement committee for 4 years at theParentInfantCenter.   I was a Vice President at a public records firm, where I managed a staff of approximately 60 employees and helped create new divisions to support the growth of the company. My husband and I have invested our time, energy, and resources inPhiladelphiaand for the past 9 years inWest Philadelphia. We have purchased properties with an eye toward health, beauty, and sustainability of our community.  The architecture, green spaces, and friends continue to inspire us and keep us rooted here.  It would be an honor to deepen my ties and give back even more through CPN board membership.  I am impressed that this volunteer organization has taken on complex issues such as zoning, park improvement, distressed properties, and education, all key topics that impact the growth and stability of our community.  I look forward to working with the existing board and the people they serve.

Marcus Presley, 4900 block, Pentridge Street

My wife and I moved to West Philadelphia in 2006 and bought a house in CedarParkin 2010. We have both fallen in love with this unique and vibrant community and are incredibly excited to be starting a family here.  I have worked for the last five years as a community organizer with the Women’s Revitalization Project, a nonprofit affordable housing developer in North Philadelphia, and I am excited by the idea of putting the community building skills that I have developed professionally towards working, with other committed residents, to improve our neighborhood.  I have experience in conducting public outreach campaigns and listening projects, running large community meetings and events and experience in building and fostering productive relationships among different organizations. In addition to my professional background, I am completing a Masters in Social Work from the Universityof Pennsylvaniawith a concentration in macro/community practice.  This and my work experience have given me skills in budgeting, grant-writing and organizational strategic planning.   My goal is to work with other dedicated people to make this an even more vibrant and wonderful community for all its residents.


Beverly Rouse, 4900 block, Cedar Avenue

As a member of the  Cedar Park community for 33 years I continue to be committed to addressing  the needs and perspectives of our diverse  community. I am a former school counselor and social worker who has worked with programs at Lincoln University and been a field instructor for social work students  from Temple University and the University of Pa. My community involvement includes serving as a block captain for the 4900 Block of Cedar Avenue, on the Board of the Sickle Cell Program at the University of Pa. Hospital, being involved with International Professional Exchange programs (IPX) and as a member of West Philadelphia High School Reunion committees.  I am currently sitting on the CPN Board and most recently served on the Board Development Retreat and the Cedar Park Centennial Celebration  Committees.  It has always been my feeling that our community has the potential to be a shining example of how intercultural and intergenerational needs can both be respectfully met.  I would love to continue serving on the Board for an additional term.


Mavil Spence, 5000 block, Catharine Street

I have resided in Cedar Park all of my life. I was born on the 5000 block ofCatharine St. My parents moved there in 1962 and I was born the next April. I moved out at age 27 to the 800 block ofS. 47th street.  I lived there until 1992, when my family and I were burnt out.   I moved back to Catharine St.and purchased a home in the 5100 block of Catharine in 1993.  Since 2009, I am back on the 5000 block of Catharine.   I have three children, Makeiah, Lauren and Zachary and one grandson Mason.  Makeiah is a graduate ofImmaculataUniversityand Lauren is finishing up atCommunity College of Philadelphia and then will attendLasalleUniversityto obtain her registered nursing degree. CPN already knows my son Zachary as he is a CPN scholarship recipient and attends Howard University School of Engineering in Washington DC.  I now work for the United States Postal Service. Previously for 10 years, I worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia until 2009, when technology knocked me out of a job.  If I am elected to the board, I plan to work hard in this community to make it an even better community than it is now. I will do the best that I know how to make people want to move to Cedar Park.


Saba Tedla, 800 block, S. 48th Street

I moved toPhiladelphiain 2007 and have been a resident ofCedarParksince then.  My professional background is in Corporate Finance, in the technology industry, and I currently work for Bentley Systems inExton,PA.  Prior to joining Bentley, I worked at Lexmark International, a NASDAQ listed company and a worldwide distributor of printers.  Previously, I held positions in finance and operations with several technology companies in theWashingtonDCarea.  I am an active resident inCedarParkas well as a business owner.  I currently serve on the advisory board of LIFTPhiladelphia, a grass roots community organization with the mission to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people.  I have been involved with fundraising initiatives, board recruitment and increasing LIFTPhiladelphia's visibility.  In addition to nonprofit work, I am a local business owner and continue to make critical investments on theBaltimore Ave.corridor.  I renovated a vacant commercial space and opened  theAksumrestaurant in 2011 and am currently developing a second business venture called Seeds Gallery, tentatively scheduled to open in Spring/Summer 2012 onBaltimore Ave.  I have strived to make a contribution by helping to improve the economic development of the community.  I consider myself a self-starter/ entrepreneur and plan to continue making tactical investments in the neighborhood.  I have the drive and passion to make a meaningful impact.  Participating on the CPN Board would provide me the opportunity to help confront some of the core challenges of the community beyond economic development.  I have a background in financial planning and my corporate work experience can be a great asset to the CPN board.  I have the commitment and leadership skills required to be an effective board member.


Ana Lisa Yoder, 4800 block, Beaumont Avenue

I live on Beaumont Avenuewith my husband Tony and 3½ year old son, Jai. CedarParkhas been my home for 15 years and I love the diversity, green space, and sense of community that I’ve found here.  Since my son will be entering kindergarten in the fall of 2014, I am also interested in efforts to improve local public schools.   I want my child to grow up in a place where there is a sense of connection between those who live near one another, and where neighbors care for green spaces and public areas.  I see serving on the CPN Board as an opportunity to contribute to that environment and ensure that as many as possible have a voice in what happens in our neighborhood.  I am a community impact manager for The Philadelphia Foundation, the DelawareValley’s largest community foundation.  In this capacity I support the Foundation’s grantmaking strategy by working with nonprofits through the application and evaluation processes.  My portfolio includes a diverse group of nonprofits in every field supported by the Foundation.  I also coordinate capacity building workshops for the nonprofit community and represent the Foundation on two grantmaking collaboratives: Communities for Public Education Reform and Hispanics in Philanthropy. I serve on the steering committee of the Delaware Valley Grantmakers’ Women and Girls Funders Affinity Group and in an advisory capacity for the Women’s Way Community Women’s Fund.  My previous experience includes nearly 20 years in a variety of nonprofit settings. Most recently I served as Director of one of Philadelphia’s leading organizations serving victims of domestic violence.  I have served on a number of boards and coalitions addressing gender-based violence. I hold a Master of Social Service degree from the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research.


 Terms of Office:

Terms of office for Executive Officers are for 1 year each.  Terms of office for Board of Directors are for 2 years.