5007 Cedar Avenue (Ahimsa House) Zoning Update


5007 Cedar Avenue (Ahimsa House), owned by Margaret Ferrigno, requested a Zoning variance from the City of Philadelphia for a permit for a three (3) family dwelling (multi-family household living) within an existing three-story semi-detached structure.

As a Registered Community Organization designated by the city, Cedar Park Neighbors (CPN) convened public community meetings on the variance request to report back to the city's Zoning Board of Adjustments (ZBA), which ultimately decides variance requests.

At CPN's April Community Zoning Meeting held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, the community voted in support (15 to 8) to grant the variance with provisos. The main provosios that would allow the current activities to continue provide that: 

  • Property owner continues to reside there - provisio would cease should the building be sold or used solely as a non-owner occupied rental property; 

  • Property owner follows current fire and food safety codes; and,

  • Property owner renews this variance after 3 years.

The results of the vote and CPN's intention to write a letter of support for the variance was announced at the end of the meeting. The Cedar Park Neighbors' Zoning Committee is currently in the process of drafting the letter of support to present to the city's Zoning Board of Adjustments, and will share the full letter once finalized.

The Zoning Board of Adjustments hearing for the variance for 5007 Cedar Avenue is scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - the hearing time has not yet been posted by the city: https://www.phila.gov/li/pages/AppealsCalendar.aspx

All are welcome to attend the hearing in person and/or send a letter to the ZBA to share opinions on the reqested variance: 
Zoning Board of Adjustment
1515 Arch Street, 18th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102