Across the Digital Divide: Young People’s Computer Center is an Extraordinary Space

In a collaborative effort, The Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) and Philadelphia Student Union (PSU) decided to create an extraordinary computer center for young people hosted at the PSU office. Like MMP’s five other computer centers, PSU’s Young People’s Computer Centeris the result of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) which is part of President Obama’s American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. BTOP is responsible for funding many new and existing computer centers across the nation in order close the digital divide between the wealthy and the poor and working class. Unlike other BTOP funded centers inPhiladelphia, The Young People’sComputerCenteris unique in the fact that it caters specifically to young people. The center will feature workshops geared specifically to young people’s needs (e.g., college access, summer jobs, resumes and cover letters). It’s a place where young people can come, be amongst their peers and access the Internet in a safe and youth-friendly environment.

Our center is not only open to members of the Philadelphia Student Union but this amazing resource is open and available for all young people inPhiladelphiaand it’s FREE!

Mariposa Food Co-op invites neighbors to upcoming open houses

  This fall, Mariposa Food Co-op will open in a larger space at 4824 Baltimore Avenue.   Everyone in Cedar Park--and beyond!--will be able to buy their groceries at Mariposa, whether they're a member of not.  Interested in learning more?  Considering attending one of their upcoming open houses.  Mariposa's announcement is below.

Please join us for an open house (or three!) at the future home of Mariposa Food Co-op. Enjoy complimentary drinks and local snacks while touring the new space, currently under construction. Learn about our expansion and the benefits of co-op membership.

Open houses are scheduled for the following dates: Sunday, August 28th, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Tuesday, September 13th, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Sunday, October 2nd, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm For details and to RSVP visit: or visit us on Facebook.

Open houses will last two hours and are open to the public. You are encouraged to come at anytime and kids are welcome.

Hope to see you there!

For more information about supporting Mariposa's expansion visit or contact Leah Pillsbury, Capital Campaign Coordinator at


Break out the Shovels! Delicious Groundbreaking for Mariposa Food Co-op

By Peter Sachs Collopy, Convener, Mariposa Food Co-op Board of Delegates On Monday, June 27, accompanied by Mayor Michael Nutter and over 160 co-op members and supporters, Mariposa Food Co-op broke “ground” at our new store site! It was a delicious event.

Thanks to all who were present to share in this memorable day. Thank you again for all of the support you’ve given to this project over the past two years. We have come this far because of you.

Our progress is very exciting: renovations on our new building start in two weeks. This summer, we hope to welcome many new co-op members excited about Mariposa Food Co-op’s expansion. In fact, you can join online today:

West Philly Tool Library Expands at New Location

By Jake Blanch, Tool Library Steering Committee Early this Spring, the West Philly Tool Library decided to jump at the chance to expand into a larger space at1314 South 47th Street, mere yards from its original location. With the support of a handful of members and volunteers, the Tool Library was shuttled by truck, wheelbarrow, and foot around the corner into a warehouse that promises a wealth of new possibilities and greater accessibility for a larger geographic area by way of the popular thruway that is47th Street. The steering committee spent late nights organizing the tools and building custom fixtures out of reclaimed shipping crates donated by local members, and although the new location remains a work in progress, it promises to provide new opportunities for growth: more classes, more tools, and with luck, more members.

For more information regarding membership, volunteering, and donations, please contact or stop in to check out the new space!  With new ideas and opportunities at a steady stream, this is an exciting time for WPTL and its members, and we look forward to continued growth for and with our neighbors.

Recipient’s Report: Scholarly Pursuits, both Scary and Exciting

By Sara Ghebremariam Dear Cedar Park Neighbor Community,

I am one of the many neighborhood students who has benefited from your continuous generosity and commitment to helping give the young adults in our community the chance to get ahead. Thus far my college experience has been everything I hoped for and more. Starting at theUniversityofPennsylvaniain the fall I had no clue what was in store for me, but I am so happy that I threw myself into it completely. After getting a taste of engineering and finding out it was not for me very quickly freshmen year, I found my place in the arts and sciences school, more specifically in psychology. I quickly made friends that I cannot be out of contact with for more than a day over the summer and found a home away from home. Even though classes at Penn challenge me they also excite me and for that reason summer has gone from something I wish for during the year to something I nearly dread in May.

While I have grown in the obvious academic ways, I have also taken the time to grow outside the library. Community service has always been a large part of my life and dominated my extracurricular activities. Since starting at Penn I made it a point to make sure that that did not change about me. I did this by joining the oldest and largest community service organization at Penn, the Kite and Key Society. I eventually gained a seat on the executive board of the Kite and Key Society in my sophomore year of college. This was a great opportunity to gain leaderships skills, not only with the running of the Overnight Hosting program but also within the society in contributing to that semesters fundraising project, a Mario Kart Tournament to raise money for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Since the start of my junior year, I have been looking into planning the last year of my college career and afterwards. In the upcoming year, I will be taking part in two independent research projects in the field of abnormal psychology with the help of research advisors at the University of Pennsylvania all while taking part of the Psychology Department’s Honors Program. The broad topics I will be covering are substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. The prospect of doing my own independent empirical research is both scary and exciting but either way it is something that I will have to get used to if I’m to fulfill my ultimate goal of going to graduate school and getting a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Trust me when I say it is scary to think that this crazy ride is nearly over and I will be considered a full-fledged adult by the world in only a year’s time, but the support I have received from Cedar Park Neighbors and the community as a whole has helped relieve some of that anxiety. Though my impending graduation means this will be my last year as a Cedar Park Neighbor scholar I know that I will have their support, and yours, wherever life takes me.

All the best,

Sara Ghebremariam

Did you miss last Saturday's Cedar Park Fair?  You really missed out.  Here are a few photos of the day shot by Courtney Walton.

Hail, O Studious Ones! Meet the 2011 CPN Scholarship Recipients

By Laura McHugh, CPN Scholarship Committee Thank you to everyone in Cedar Park who has generously contributed to our 2011 Scholarship Program thus far.  On Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at 1 p.m. at the Cedar Park Fair, we awarded another eight scholarships to deserving students in ourCedarParkcommunity. Together as a community we publicly recognize our awardees for their hard work and success in high school, their service to the community, and their continued commitment to furthering their education at the college level.

Since the committee’s inception, 136 scholarships valued at a total of $74,000 have been awarded to approximately 61 deserving neighborhood scholars. The Scholarship Committee is incredibly grateful to our community members who continue to donate funds to make these scholarships possible every year. Check out our talented 2011CedarParkscholarship recipients below!

Multiple-Year CPN Scholarship Recipients

Sara Ghebremariam is a graduate of West Catholic HS and is going into her senior year at theUniversityofPennsylvaniawhere she is majoring in Psychology. Sara has worked as a research assistant for a number of labs at the university and is involved in various activities including an executive board position with the Kite and Key Society, the oldest and largest community service organization at UPenn.

Dung Nguyen graduated from West Catholic HS and is headed into her junior year atTempleUniversitywhere she majors in Biology and Pre-Pharmacy. AtTempleshe is actively in the Asian Student Association and Pre-Pharmacy Association.

Hanh Nguyen graduated from West Catholic HS and is going into her sophomore year atTempleUniversitywhere she is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Nursing degree. Hanh is a member of the Asian Student Association atTempleand recently completed her first “field work” experience at People to People Daycare Center.

Miranda Siddall graduated from Central HS and is going into her sophomore year atBrynMawrCollege, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. Miranda has been an active volunteer for both Cedar Park Neighbors and St. Francis De Sales Parish for many years. At Bryn Mawr, Miranda is involved in the College Democrats, is an organizer for the college’s “Food Week” and holds a work-study job.

Zachary Spence graduated from George Washington Carver HS for Engineering & Science and is heading into his sophomore year at the Howard University School of Engineering where he majors in Computer Engineering. In high school, Zachary was a member of the National Honors Society and the National Society for Black Engineers.

First-Time CPN Scholarship Recipients

Teila Allmond recently graduated fromScienceLeadershipAcademyand will be attending New York Institute of Technology where she will be pursuing an Engineering degree. In high school, Teila was active in soccer, basketball, and the tech squad all while maintaining a 3.5 GPA. She is also an active member of the CPN community, including participation in regular block cleanups and St. Francis De Sales Church.

Briana Lanerecently graduated from West Philadelphia HS and will be attendingWidenerUniversityin the fall. Briana was Valedictorian of her class atWest Philadelphia, where she received first honors and was an active member of her school community, serving as captain of the cheerleading team and participating in the Community Service Corps and the Ambassadors Club.

Kamilla Philson recently graduated fromRobertE.LambertonHigh Schooland will be attendingLincolnUniversityin the Fall. At Lamberton she was an honor roll student and a member of the National Honors Society in addition to her participation in track & field and cross-country extra-curricular activities.

Volunteer Librarians Needed: West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools Steps Up in Support of Local Schools

By Amara Rockar, Chair, WPCNS Steering Committee With the Philadelphia School District budget shortfall come painful cuts to neighborhood schools, but community groups like the West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools (WPCNS) have stepped in to soften the blow.

For instance, Lea Elementary at 47th and Locust, WPCNS’s current focus, lost its full-time staff librarian. WPCNS reached out to the West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC), a non-profit whose “Open Books Open Minds” program provides volunteer librarians and library materials to public elementary schools. As the recent recipient of a $100,000 “Impact 100 Philadelphia” grant, WePAC was looking to expand into moreWest Philadelphiaschools and agreed to bring its program to Lea Elementary in the fall.

WPCNS is assisting with the recruitment of local volunteers who will undergo librarian training and volunteer a minimum of two hours every other week. WePAC volunteers will provide library services to Lea students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade and assist students with checking out and returning books, story time and research help for older students. WePAC is also looking to start an afterschool newspaper club. CPN members interested in volunteering should contact Beth Menasion at

— no library experience required!

In addition to the school library project, WPCNS is running a book drive to supplement the classroom libraries in all grades at Lea. Book donations appropriate for kindergarten through 8th grade can be dropped off at the Lea bin at Bindlestiff Books,4530 Baltimore Avenue, or on the porch of4317 Larchwood Avenue. The Lea Kindergarten teachers have also requested donations of bean bag chairs and small bookshelves for classroom “reading nooks.” Those interested in donating classroom furniture can contact Amara Rockar at

Lastly, WCPNS looks forward to publicizing and donating to upcoming Lea projects on, a website where teachers can request funding for classroom projects. Over the last year, WPCNS members have donated through to help purchase the “U.S. History Alive” texts for 8th grade Social Studies, copies of The Hunger Games novel for 7th and 8th graders and The Red Kayak mystery novel for 5th and 6th graders at Lea. In addition to lessening the impact of the budget cuts, WPCNS hopes that these programs and projects will help nurture a life-long love of reading for students at Lea.

West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools Website:


The WPCNS article in the last issue of the CPN Newsletter was written by Amara Rockar. It was incorrectly attributed to Danielle Denk. We extend apologies for this error.

Howdy, Pardner! It’s Tire Roundup Time this Saturday

Help make Philadelphia More Beautiful. This year, our Tire Roundup will be held this Saturday, August 13th, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Cedar Park Neighbors earns 50 ¢ents for each tire collected.

Volunteers are needed as well as trucks. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

Please contact Cedar Park Neighbors at 267-531-4147 or to volunteer or to rat out a tire hideout.

New Year’s Resolution: CPN Membership Switches to Calendar Year

By Laurie Friedman, Membership Committee Chair At our last CPN Board meeting, a resolution was passed changing the terms of CPN membership. Effective immediately, all CPN memberships will run on a calendar year: January 1st through December 31st. We are hoping this will make it easier for everyone to maintain their status as active. The CPN Membership Committee will conduct an annual membership drive in November and December to remind everyone. Anyone whose membership has been renewed this year will not have their membership expire until 12/31/12. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

Also, if you are interested in joining one of CPN’s committees or have a question about the status of your membership, please email so we can connect you to the committee chairperson. The membership committee is also looking for new members and ideas; any and all are welcome! Remember, to join or renew your membership online, please go to Thanks so much for all of your support!

Cedar Park Jazz continues every Friday night

Don't forget: Cedar Park Jazz continues every Friday night through August 5.  The music starts at 6pm and generally runs through 8pm before adjourning for an extra set across the street at Elena's.  Join your friends and neighbors for a wonderful summer evening listening to music in the park. Friday July 15 featuring the Jazz Doctors.

Joe Camardo - piano Justin Fink - bass Michael Andrews - special guest vocalist Richard Orr - multi-reeds Vince Rutland - drums

It's what summer's all about.


June Newsletter is out

View it here as a online flip book coutesy of [issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110615202634-52847b8b68d5413b87d1fb46f5989c23 docname=1106_cpn_web username=cedarparkneighbors loadinginfotext=CPN%20newsletter%20June%202011 showhtmllink=true tag=cedar%20park width=420 height=272 unit=px]

June 7: Next Steps in the Baltimore Avenue Conversation

Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00pmPeople’s Baptist Church, 5039 Baltimore Avenue

Continuing on last year’s community conversation to revitalize Baltimore Avenue from 49th - 52nd Streets, the Community Design Collaborative and Cedar Park Neighbors want to gather the community to discuss next steps. The discussion will include a brief summary of the finalized report from last year and an update to the neighborhood on some initial efforts to move it forward.

Following this introduction, there will be brief presentations on the following community desires: senior/affordable housing, building facade improvements, fresh food grocery, greening the corridor, and garden center.

Speakers will include a representative from Friends Rehabilitation about the steps in the process involved in building senior/affordable housing with examples from projects they have built around Philadelphia. Joe McNulty, Cedar Park resident and Baltimore Ave. commercial corridor coordinator for the University City District, will talk about how commercial facade improvement programs work, what sorts of local and state grants and programs are available for Baltimore Ave. businesses. Leah Pillsbury from Mariposa Food Co-op will present information about their plan to expand their store to Beulah Tabernacle building at 49th and Baltimore, including expanding membership to new members, a larger store, more open shopping hours for non-members. Stephanie Chiorean from the Philadelphia Water Department will be speaking on greening plans for the City of Philadlephia and about their ambitious new plans to change the way Philadelphia manages storm water run-off. Danielle Denk will present about a new proposal to possibly bring a Garden Center to some of the empty lots at 51st and Baltimore.

We hope to see you there. Please feel free to invite all of your neighbors for what should be a very informative event.

For further information on the Baltimore Avenue Conversation please contact Cedar Park Neighbors at 267-531-4147 or ***

Also please check out the Baltimore Avenue Community Corridor Design Study yourself online.

The link above has the entire study produced by the Community Design Collaborative with the help and input of everyone who came out and participated in the Baltimore Avenue Conversation project. You can view and flip through the book of the study online or download a copy for yourself at the link above. Thanks again for everyone who came out and provided input to the process.

Friday Night Jazz series returns 5/27 with Dr. Ketchup

Come to Cedar Park 5/27 7:00 pm to enjoy some funky free live jazz with local faves, Dr. Ketchup.

Dr. Ketchup has been at it, up to it and all about it for a good long while. These Cedar Park residents put their distinct remedy in a saucy blend of instrumentation and feel good rhythms. Don’t miss them as they kick off this years Series in Cedar Park. Upcoming Shows: JUNE 3, 2011 Rich Tucker and the Universal Concept

These cats will rock your world! Richard tucker has worked as a professional musician for over twenty years. He is first and foremost a guitarist, but can also play bass. He has a foundation in theory and also loves to play by ear. Featuring Special Guest Vocalist
Suzanne Burgess.


Tony “Stickman” Wyatt, Drums …Tony Wyatt has been a leader and educator for more than thirty years. He has established himself as one of the topdrummers in the tri-state region. Tony has played for Hank Mobley, James Moody, Bootsie Barnes, and a host of others!


These gentlemen are consummate professional musicians. Their high energy style and showmanship is known throughout the region. Their sound is rooted in the tradition of the great Philadelphia jazz organ/guitar combos.

Baltimore Ave. Dollar Stroll Bargains 6/2

15 BUSINESSES TO FEATURE $1 ITEMS IN HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BALTIMORE AVENUE DOLLAR STROLLFrom ice cream to pint glasses to international dishes, $1 deals will be featured every first Thursday from June-September along the avenue; festivities include live music, street vendors, and giveaways of the new West Philly Mix Tape

(Philadelphia, PA) – University City District (UCD) is excited to announce the schedule for the 2011 Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll happening each first Thursday in June through September - June 2, July 7, August 4, and September 1. From 5:30 to 8:30pm. West Philadelphia’s Baltimore Avenue between 42nd and 51st streets will come alive and celebrate its unique businesses offerings and charm with one-night-only $1 bargains. The special $1 items are as eclectic as the fifteen businesses offering them, including Milk & Honey, Dock Street Brewery and the new Mood Cafe. From $1 Bassetts ice cream to $1 mini okinomiyaki (Japanese crepes) to $1 PBRs to $1 Dock Street pint glasses, these warm nights will surely be festive and fun.

In addition to the 15 participating Baltimore Avenue locations, the ever-popular Clark Park Farmers’ Market at 43rd and Baltimore will be offering a spectacular selection of baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and much more every Thursday from 3-7pm. Check out Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos food truck and Country Meadows Barbeque stand who will also compliment the market. Additional food trucks and vendors such as Jimmies Cupcake Co., and Maru Global Takoyai will also be selling $1 items along Baltimore Avenue.

If that isn’t enough, UCD will debut the free West Philly Mix Tape download card featuring tracks from some of the neighborhoods finest musicians including the West Philadelphia Orchestra, Stinking Lizaveta, Dr. Dog's Scott McMicken, Fan of Friends and many more. Stop by the UCD table in front of Calvary Church at 48th and Baltimore to pick one up. All the cool kids will be doing it.

The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll is produced by University City District and sponsored by, Campus Philly, Grid Magazine, Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, UC Net and UC Review. See below for participating businesses or visit for more information.

Baltimore Pet Shoppe 4532 Baltimore Avenue, 215-236-6080 $1 cat and dog treats & accessories

Curio Theatre 815 S. 48th Street, 215-525-1350 $1 tickets to 2011-12 season preview performances

Dahlak 4708 Baltimore Avenue, 215-726-6464 $1 lentil wraps with small salad

Desi Chaat House 501 S. 42nd Street, 215-386-1999 $1 mango lassis, $1 samosas

Desi Village 4527 Baltimore Avenue, 215-382-6000 $1 veggie pakoras, $1 samosas, $1 mango lassis

Dock Street Brewery 701 S. 50th Street, 215-726-2337 $1 focaccia, $1 logo pint glasses

Elena’s Soul Showcase, Lounge & Café 4912 Baltimore Avenue, 215-724-3043 $1 PBR cans

Green Line Café 4239 Baltimore Avenue, 215-222-3431 $1 espressos, $1 icy drinks, $1 vegan cupcakes, $1 mini chomper sandwiches

Mariposa Co-op 4726 Baltimore Avenue, 215-729-2121 $1 beverages, $1 baked goods, $1 packaged snacks

Milk & Honey Market 4435 Baltimore Avenue, 215-387-MILK $1 Bassets ice cream

Mood Café 4618 Baltimore Avenue $1 fresh squeezed juices, $1 mango lassis, $1 ice cream, $1 samosas

Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Bar & Restaurant 4511 Baltimore Avenue, 215-382-2099 $1 cans of beer

The Gold Standard Café 4800 Baltimore Avenue, 215-727-8247 $1 mini sandwiches, $1 wraps, $1 brownies

Vientiane Café 4728 Baltimore Avenue, 215-726-1095 $1 chicken or tofu skewers, $1 spring rolls, $1 bottles of water

VIX Emporium 5009 Baltimore Avenue, 215-471-7700 $1 hand printed West Philly notecard, patch or sticker

"How To Walk To School: Blueprint For A Neighborhood School Renaissance"

Meet the Authors and Panel Discussion at Henry C. Lea Elementary School47th & Locust May 5th @ 5:45pm Free and Open To The Public

The authors of a groundbreaking book about how parents and community members helped to turn the Nettllehurst School in Chicago, a failing public school, into an outstanding and revitilized one. Discussion will include lessons from the examples in the book that parents and community members could use at our local Philadelphia public schools. Discussion is open to the public. Bindlestiff Books will have books for sale at the event.

Garden reception and refreshments will be served.

Download a Flyer for the Event

Love your park - Cedar Park!!

The playground looks great! Now its time to focus on the garden beds and we hope you might like to help.

This Saturday is the annual citywide Love Your Park event which will take place in Cedar Park from 10 am - 1 pm. We will focus on waking up the gardens: weeding, pruning roses, trimming liriope, mulching tree pits and garden beds.

Bring pruners if you have them. We will have other tools and gloves. Children are welcome.

Hope to see you on Saturday